Make Money Investing In Real Estate – Become a private money lender!

Many people would love to invest their money in real estate but the fact is they don’t have a lot of money to invest with. Many people only have $3 to $10 thousand dollars to invest and that leaves them out of the major investment pools.

But not any more!

Today you can invest your money as you see fit and have the same benefits as the major investors.

Now today you can invest as little as $3,000 to $80,000 of your own money starting today with ME (well my company; MSPI PROPERTIES). We are a nation wide buyer of Real Property.

So here the deal that I am offering:



Money:                                $3000        $5000       $8000      $30,000       $50,000    $80,000

Interest rate:                        10%              10%           10%                 10%               10%         10%

Terms:                                                       60 days                  –          36 months

Investments of $3K to $8K are always UNSECURED LOAN backed by “Promissory Note”. The reason why the loan would be unsecured is that I flip houses quickly so I would not be able to secure it with the real estate as I may only have the deal for a day or less.

We have a large data base of investors who love to get a property like this 

for cheap and fix it up to resale it. Right this property is listed for $19,900  and I could have it sold in about two days. This is perfect for me and my buyers. I may get it for $10,000 and sell it to them for $20,000. After they fix it up they may sell it for $200,000.

Investments of $30K to $80K are secured by real estate in “first position”. Because I would buy to hold on to and collect rent from tenants. Like this property

That’s being sold for $30,000 and it has two units in the building. If I were to buy it at say $20,000 and it needs about $40,000 in repairs.  I would have it fixed up and rent it somewhere between $550 each side a month and refinanced later to pay off my lender.


To become one of my private investors please click here and give me your contact information. Make sure you to let me know that you are an INVESTOR”.  We’ll contact you to confirm the amount you wish to invest and other important information.


If you are serious about becoming one of my private money lenders you’ll want to know that you’ll get a report that will explain how much money I’ll need and the date in which I’ll need it. The report will look like this one (example of a real deal) az-cityaz-full-marketing-package-10-29-16 for those who invest with me at the higher levels and need to see where the funds will be going.

So as you see anyone can become a private money-lender and get way better returns than a bank savings account, CD’s, Money Market, Stocks, 401K’s, and even IRA’s are able to give. Go a head and check your bank rates, you’ll see that I am telling you the truth.


So again if you want to become one of my private investors please click here and give me your contact information. Make sure you to let me know that you are an INVESTOR”.  We’ll contact you to confirm the amount you wish to invest and other important information.

You and I will talk over the terms and I’ll issue you a “Promissory Note” and a Personal Contract that is enforceable in every state in America.


Disclaimer: My deals move quickly so, the examples I gave you here on this blog may already be gone. Therefore take the above houses as samples only. At the time of writing this blog these were real deals that were available.

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Today I want to introduce you all to another leader in our community in the field of real estate investing.






Brother Juan Pablo is a real estate investor on the east coast and he’s holds events to teach what he knows and is a  coach to new investors.

You can check out his website 100 Percent Financed and get more information.

Okay I know people who follow me are not stupid. So I know that it goes without saying, Real Estate is big money! But, its big money for everyone that’s involved with it in any way.

Did you know that Real Estate Investing is the biggest, most profitable project you could ever do? Real Talk! There is nothing on the planet that pays you as good as real estate investing. One good deal can change your life!


You need to be educated. You can pay for spot education or specific education, meaning you can pay $500 for this course, another $500 for that course and on and on it goes. There are over 50+ different types of real estate investing you can get involved in.

Then there is your learning curve. How long does it take you to understand and be able to implement what you have learned. Getting over the fear and uncertainty you may need a mentor. And well the list goes on and on.

That’s why after doing a lot of searching and spending a ton of money trying to figure out stuff I teamed up with the group I suggest you look at as well.  Because it includes everything in one place. Check out my Real Estate College if you want to seriously learn how to change your life and your families destiny.

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Andre C Hatchett: Seeing what others don’t.

I keep telling our people the same message and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

Nothing else matters: support Black Owned Businesses. “Buy Black, Bank Black, Invest Black, and Learn to invest in real estate from those who are already doing it.”

For my welcome back posting I want to introduce to many of you a brother who is leading a charge to help others become independent. Andre C Hatchett is a dynamic brother. Check him out.

Andre C, Hatchett: Seeing what others don’t. #RealEstate








A lot of us are intimidated by real estate: It seems expensive, complex and difficult. However, owning land is one of the most important things that black people can do in this generation or any other.

So, to help you learn the process in a cost-effective way, we’ve created, a platform that allows you to learn the ins and outs of real estate from African American experts who can teach you everything you’ll ever need to know.

We’d like to announce a new course called Six Life Changing Sessions On How to Successfully Build a Real Estate Portfolio. The information on the course is below.

Life Changing Sessions On How To Successfully Build A Real Estate Portfolio

The Dr Boyce Watkins Channel is an all-black news and commentary channel that features a number of African American thinkers, commentators and speakers. The views of each video are not necessarily representative of those of Dr Boyce Watkins himself.

You can follow Dr Watkins at the links below:

Instagram: @TheRealBoyceWatkins
Twitter: @DrBoyceWatkins1
Via Text: Text the word Boyce to 31996
To learn how to start your own business:
Personal website:
The Dr Boyce Watkins Wealth-building program for children:
To take my online course:
The Dr Boyce Watkins podcast on Soundcloud:
The Dr Boyce Watkins Black Economic Empowerment Tour:

I know that many of us have a problem believing in and trusting in our own people. So if you have heard something you like about investing in real estate and need more information you can join my team @ MSPI Properties.

3 We at MSPI Properties have a Real Estate College where you can learn online and at your own speed. Check out Real Estate Investing is big money investing and if you learn the right way you can become a successful real estate investor making tons of money very soon.


You can find more on this topic and others at

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Nothing Else Matters!!!!


Nothing Else Matter!!

If the black people in America are to gain a solid footing in America we all need to realize that “Nothing Else Matters” needs to be the slogan of the day.

“Nothing Else Matters”

Meaning that all American Africans need to focus on “Buying only from Black owned businesses, Banking with only Black owned banks and/or credit unions, and Investing in Black owned businesses”.

For the black community to grow and have a serious voice we need to focus all of our energy, talent and money into one place, our own community. We need to learn from those who do it best – the Spanish speaking community. They support each other’s businesses and ONLY bank with their own banks (when possible). They invest with each other and they return their investments by continuing to do business with each other. Therefore their communities are growing and people are succeeding.

It is each of our duties to maintain our culture (all the different parts/sections and differences) so that our children will know who and what they are. It’s our job to educate each other, lift each other up, and to offer each other all that we can to make sure that not one of us are left behind.

The task is monumental indeed, the barriers are many, but we have many warriors and we have no choice. If we are to succeed as a people in a country that sees us as less than worthy we need to band together and create, develop, build our own. Dedicated to, specifically geared towards, fashioned after, and produced for our people.

As a people American Africans have to understand that we are all we got. It means that we, each of us, need to uplift each other in all our ventures. We need to understand that often times it means we have to close the doors and talk “real talk” with each other. It means that we have to band together as one entity. We need to move as one, buy as one, save as one, and invest as one. WE need to get back to our roots and become “WE” again.

The scariest thing in the world is for the people of color to band together as one unite!

The last time the world saw that kind of unity – we were the ruling class.

I am not talking about a take over or war or anything like that. I am talking about building a sense of personal feelings of belonging to a unified group, self worth, and a community minded movement.


None of the JUNK on TV, social media, churches, education, sports events, or any thing else you can thing of. NONE of it matters! The only thing that matters is that we all support each other no matter what. The trick of those who would see us fail is to keep our minds occupied with JUNK. There is “JUNK” all around us. Everywhere we look, everywhere we are there is just more junk to distract us from coming together. It’s never done by accident and is always done on purpose.

Rich dad calls them “Doodads”. The problem is that many people can’t recognize these doodads.

So here is a definition of “Doodads”:

A doodad is ANYTHING or ANYONE that distracts you from your purpose, goals or dreams. Anything and anyone that keeps you from succeeding. Anything and anyone that keeps you busy and nonproductive. Anything and anyone that pulls you away from your culture and your people. Anything or anyone that has you thinking as a selfish individual instead of as a community member with a voice.

Every single person of color matters when we speak of our community. While “Black Lives Matters” is a focus effort in our community towards bring up awareness to the other races that we are being systematically eliminated. This new movement, “Nothing Else Matters” is designed to pull the American African Community together.

Just as you can’t fight drugs by having a war on drugs – because having a war only fuels the problem and puts it in your face all the more.

Having a program that elevates the problem of police shooting our family members – only brings about acquit awareness to the problem.

“Nothing Else Matters” is designed to address the real issues of continued biological, psychological, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, educational, protection, entertainment, and physicality that keeps our dependency on those who would see us in slavery again.

We answer this treat on our life with one focus and that focus is that nothing you put in front of us will distract us from banding together and taking care of our own-selves physically (internally & externally), emotionally, financially, socially, self protection, spiritually, educationally and we’ll entertain our own selves, thank you! We simply don’t want your stuff any more!

In this we will succeed as a people and make our presence felt in all areas of life.

Part One:

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You must Own your Own business


Okay, that’s not true. I think the count is up to 5 people that have had a regular 9 to 5 job and have gotten rich (but I can’t find anything on any of them). We are NOT talking about the CEO’s and people who make tons of money in their regular job.

We are talking about the regular people like you and I who work and get paid a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck that slightly covers our bills.

All 5 of these people (all men) were Redick-ule-sly stingy and never spent a dime on anything they did not have to. They all drive a car from the fifties and brought their lunch from home every day. They paid their bills on time and did not spend any money past their real needs. None of them had a family and were very anti-social.

Well, I could not find anything on any of the people I had heard about but I wanted to at least provide you something that could help if you choose to stay on your 9-5 job forever.

How To Get Wealthy As An Employee will help you succeed but it will not allow you to have the time freedom, and relationships we all want. You may reach a comfortable level of financial independence, well maybe.

The best way to achieve the type of success the very rich have is to have your own business.

Now many people have issues with this statement. I guess I understand.

It appears that people lack vision and they wonder why they’ll parishes? I know the biggest problem most people have when you say start your own business is that they don’t have money to start a business.

I never said buy a franchise! I said, start some kind of business you would love to do. If you are not sure what type of business you should start, I understand. So, here are some helpful hints to get your brain started.

What hobbies do you have? Can you make money from it? How? Answer the question…How could you make money from your hobby?

Short story:

My first business was a photography business. I had a “Vivitar Camera”


Yes, this one! I was taking photos everywhere I went. A friend asked me to take some photos of her. I did and then another person asked me to do the same. The light bulb went off. When the third person asked I said I’ll have to check my schedule and I’ll call her back (I did not have a schedule) I needed time. I went to a friend who was a printer. I had 100 cards made up as me being a freelance photographer.


I called the girl and set a time to take her photos. While I was taking her photos I saw someone who had a better camera than I and asked if he took photos for a living. I hired him to be my on-call photographer. I did the with three other people who had their own cameras. Then I changed my company name to “Cameo Photography”. I did Wedding, Portfolios,  and Portraits. I never took another photograph. I called all my on-call real photographers to do the work and I stayed home. I collected the money and the film, paid the photographer for the photos I wanted and gave them to the client. I kept over 50% of the money.

I hope this example gives some people some ideas. You can start a business on almost nothing if you think.

Tomorrow I’ll help you develop some ideas for your own business.

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Become a Black Leader in White Society

“You must first learn to become a real good follower…. by following those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish. It means that we have to follow them to the letter. Without deviation, no changes at all, everything they have done to get where they are you must do as well. The problem is that in every culture I can think of there are really good role models except the African-American community.

Did you know that our best examples keep the information to themselves? And those who teach only teach sporadically and never the complete information.

This tells me two things about their success and knowledge.

  1. They get to where they are because they had help and that they don’t really know what they did to achieve the success they have.
  2. They have a poverty mindset still. Even after becoming successful and acquiring millions of dollars they still are afraid to lose it all. That’s why statement #1 comes in place.

If you truly understand what you are doing and you become successful doing it, you also understand that there is room for everyone you know to become successful as well. Even if you charged a fee to get the information you would still win and our race would be the better for the information. But when you keep information to yourself you cause more harm than good.

I have spent a small fortune acquiring information over the years. I finally have everyone’s, all the teachers’ courses. I knew there was a secret to financial success in a euro-centric world and I knew that our people were purposefully kept from it.

Even those of us who are making lots of money don’t know or understand the real deal. I say this because the proof is in the “death of the person”. Meaning: as a celebrity when you die we all hear about how much knowledge you had as a business person and what you did with the money you made. “Prince”, “Michael Jackson”, “Whitney Houston” and many more have proven to me that our people are stupid when it comes to wealth.

If the very rich among us don’t know what the heck they are doing then it stands to reason the rest of us have not a clue. I decided to tell people what Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Buffett, and the other top 12 Billionaires in the world teach their children and family members to do.


I know what you all are saying:

  1. How do I know what they teach
  2. How did I get the information
  3. Why am I sharing it
  4. Why am I not doing it

#1 – I asked the right questions to the right people 

#2 – I was told what to find

#3 – Because I understand that we all need to grow financially if “WE” are to succeed

#4 – I am doing it. I am putting in place what I have been told to do and I hope you will do the same. 

So here is what they all do from beginning to end with themselves and their families. The crazy thing is it’s not hard but it does take a while to get through it all. But now I see how important it all really is. So what I am going to do is tell you in general what to do, in later postings, I’ll give more details for each and every step.

See if you have everything in place and where you have fallen short. I don’t care who you are and how much money you have and what you have accomplished …you will have fallen short and now you’ll see why.

Here are the steps – many need to be done at the same time, but I will give you the generic listing.

The Law of Attraction happens when you can see your business grow and you take the appropriate actions to secure your business dreams, and that will give you the things you want in life. The time, financial, and love freedom, in spades!

  • You must Own your Own business

  • You must have multiple streams of income from your main business

  • Incorporate all your income streams separately

  • Bank Only with Black-Owned Banks or Credit Unions

  • Build an Asset Protection Empire

  • Become Investors in Stable Investments that feed into your corporations

That’s it. That’s all of it and there is no more. This is what they teach their children. To dream big and take the right steps (above) to build and secure your wealth. This is the process of manifesting the things you want in your life.

Do you see anywhere on the list for a JOB or employment? Do you see where it says work for this person or that person? This is “The Secret”.

Now you have the generic list. The following days and weeks to come I’ll only post on the topics above to give everyone deeper insights into each of the topics listed above.

Please follow my posts and share it with all of your African-American, Caribbean and African friends. If you happen to NOT be a person of color – please feel free to follow along because it’s really not about black or white, but more about the rich and the poor. The have’s and have not. My focus is on people who look like me but we are all able to benefit from what the rich do if we follow what they do.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”


I am back!
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Dr. Sebi Has Died On August 6 2016

Dr. Sebi Has Died On August 6, 2016 After Being Arrested

Dr. Sebi Died On August 6 2016 - Rest In Peace Elder

Read more about Dr. Sebi death.

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