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Going back to school does not sound so bad when a firm tells you they’ll help you become a millionaire!

Harvard graduate, professor, and Chicago-based investor Dr. Eric Rogers has great news for minorities in reference to finances, investments, savings, and financial stability.  He has a national consulting firm, The Millionaire Planner, that has developed a course to give people the information they need to invest, save, and achieve financial independence.  The firm is offering a course that will help put students on the road to becoming a millionaire.

The Millionaire Planner offers a 6 week course online that cost $199.  The title of the course is How to be a Millionaire.  The design of the class is to teach people how to invest, save, and maintain funds to build wealth and get to a millionaire status.

Rogers asks prospective students “Are you tired of being poor?  Living from check to check?  Can’t make ends meet?  In debt or your back is against the wall?  Are you financially worried?  In over your head?”

“We can help.  We got the answers,” he responds.

According to Rogers, the course has the solutions that people are looking for and need.  He believes that through this course, individuals will be able to have wealth and financial stability in their lives.  In addition to that, they will gain financial security for the present and the future for their families.

During the course, there will be workshops and seminars on financial plans and strategies on how to become wealthy.  Rogers insures that those who enroll in the online classes will get the secrets and solutions they need to become empowered.  He says that anyone can achieve financial independence if they utilize the proper tools and knowledge in the proper ways.

“It’s what you don’t know that’s hindering you.  It’s what you don’t do that’s hurting you,” states Rogers.

The online course is great for those who don’t have a lot of time to attend sessions in a traditional classroom.  It is also for those who are tired of worrying about how to survive until they get next week’s check.  To put it plainly, it is for those who want to be a millionaire.

You can check out the course at africanamericanmillionaires .com


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