The Death of the Traditional Business Card

For a little while now I have noticed that the traditional business card have fallen by the wayside and a new better method has arisen. Have you noticed that as well?

The traditional business card is about 3X2 size and has all of the contact information you need about the person it’s for. Some of them even have photos. You can find them one-sided, two-sided or even four-sided. The reason why they may be two to four-sided is the reason why the traditional business cards are a thing of the past.

Desert School

As entrepreneurs get savvier and are more active they need to promote what they are doing. This leads to more advertising needs and that is the main problem! For many years entrepreneurs have been following the traditional corporate business rule of thumb to have a business card just like the one above.

As the years went by we have found it difficult to market an event and our services. That’s why you started to see the two-sided and four-sided cards. Today entrepreneurs have gotten away from the normal and have found a better way to market themselves and their events. They have found that their needs are served better by marketing their events, products, and services as well as themselves on 4×6 or 5×7 cards. These size card stock were traditionally reserved for party or event announcements. But as an active entrepreneur goes from event to event, and have services to offer people you’ll start seeing more and more of the oversized business cards.

The sisterhood

They are not the throw away kind that you would have once the party is over. These cards have information on them that you may want after the event. These are the business cards of the future and they may be here to stay.

First Anniversity

They serve a major purpose in the market as business owners seek to get the word out and make it cheaper on themselves these types of cards are becoming very important.

They have already been transformed into two-sided cards and are doing well. For those who are seeking to cut down on the amount of printing they will have to do each month this is a very cheap way to market your business.

Max's cards


Max's cards1

The days of the tiny little business cards seem to be on their way out as more and more entrepreneurs seek to find a better way to market their goods and services.

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