[Free eBook] 3 Steps to Discovering Your Dream

My friends What if one of the world’s leading experts on dream-building compiled everything she knew from her 40 years of experience and made it available in an eBook you could download and start reading today?

Because you’re part of my inner circle, I’ll let you in on this incredible bit of news. My friend and best-selling author, speaker and dream-building expert, Mary Morrissey, has put together a NEW book called, “The 3 Steps to Discovering Your Dream.”
And today, you have a chance to download it at no cost!

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Mary’s teachings have helped thousands of people in the last 40 years to discover, build and experience their dream!

In this powerful new book, you’ll discover:
* What to do if you aren’t passionate about any one thing, but you know you were meant for something greater than what you’re doing now
* The mindset that’s keeping most of us stuck in wishing, longing, hoping and NEVER living the life we’re meant to, and how to reverse that immediately
* The ONE THING all genuinely happy people have in common, and how you can be one of them by reading this book!
… And lots more!

Get Mary’s NEW eBook Now At This Link

Mary is allowing access to her new eBook for a limited time, so get your copy now, before the link expires!

Okay that’s it for now, be Blessed. Max 

P.S. Make sure you also register for Mary’s complimentary webinar, “What Really Causes Success and Failure—And How This Key Can Bring Your Biggest Dream Into Reality” which goes hand-in-hand with this life-changing book. During the webinar you’ll learn about the Universal Laws that govern success and failure – and how to tap into those laws to create a life you’ve always wanted! The link for the webinar will appear once you’ve downloaded the eBook. Make sure you choose a time to attend!


About Mastering You

"Mastering You, leads you to Understanding, Developing and Using the Master in You" Mr. Toliver teaches the "Process of Manifestation" as a vehicle that will allow people to master their inner self, through his book series called, "Mastering You". Having worked for more than 30 years as a social worker and as an entrepreneur he combines life experiences of overcoming depression, attempted suicides, managing additions, loss of friends from 9/11, his near death experiences and wraps them all up into talks that leaves every group spellbound. Connecting with his audiences through his animated, motivational and inspirational talks that are guaranteed to reach every group at every level. The process of manifestation focuses on honoring God and changing our thinking to gain success. Mr. Toliver teaches everyone how to overcome life's obstacles which clears a path to getting the things you want.
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