How an Online Entrepreneur Raised $18 Million To Start His Business


Don Charlton, the founder of the fast-growing online recruitment platform, The Resumator, started the company in 2009 with the focus of leveraging online technology to make the job recruitment process more efficient and less expensive.

Charlton was 31-years-old when he started the company. He set out with a vision to enable top talented individuals to get access to job opportunities and make it possible for smaller businesses to enjoy online recruitment without having to spend a lot of money on other recruitment platforms that are often expensive.

“If you were a smaller business, it was very difficult for you. You couldn’t afford Monster or CareerBuilder to post your job, so you basically weren’t online leveraging the web to get candidates,” said Charlton. “So I wanted to democratize access to the web for hiring talent and that’s why I started the company.”

Charlton, a Rochester Institute of Technology alum, revealed that the biggest challenges he faced when his company was starting up were time and money, but through hard work and by developing a good product, he was able to pull venture capital funding to the tune of $18 million.

“I think obviously, the simple answer is if you want to be a tech company you basically have to grow your business and understand how capital is raised and put yourself in a position to actually raise venture capital,” says Charlton. “I think, to be a little bit more specific, the way we were able to do it was by first and foremost having a really good product. It’s easier to raise capital when people know who you are already because you’ve built a product that people are using and they like.”

The now 37-year-old admitted that getting his company and product into the market and publicizing it wasn’t an easy feat. He reveals that he had to explore several accelerator programs to reach his target market with the product and to make his brand known.

The Resumator now boasts of 80 employees and serves more than 3,000 companies located across 70 countries globally. The company has served high-profile technology companies, including Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Mashable, and Hootsuite.

Charlton had to quit his day job to focus on building the product and creating a professional image for his business. Now that he has established such a successful company, he reflects back on it and sees how exciting and refreshing it is to start-up a venture and succeed in it.

“I wish everybody would experience the thrill of quitting your job and then being successful at a job you created because it does a lot to your soul,” says Charlton. “It opens up your beliefs about what anybody can do.”


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