Two ways to prepare for your future!


You would think that as you make more and more money that someone you trust would sit you down and share with you how to manage your money so that when you are old you can live the way you want to. But more and more people are stepping forward proving that they have NO money management skills and that they have not been given any financial advice.

Today I want to share with you all two different people’s reaction to having more money then they really need at this point in their lives. The difference will amaze you and who they are will surprise everyone, or maybe not.

So I have more money then….well everyone else I know and I am set for life. I think I’ll, well I’ll invest it in… Floyd Mayweather … STUPID IF YOU ASK ME!

Then there is this!

Martin Roland who plays for the Washington Redskins’ as a Wide Receiver. He also has a lot of money and  blow his money on something that, well you just have to read this guys brain fart of an idea.

As we look at the process of manifestation and the two men featured in this posting, I want everyone to understand that you have choices to make in life. Each choice leads you down a road of reactions that will develop your character. The two men are showing you their character by their actions to having extra money.

Now what is your character like? What would you do if you had extra money like them? Would you have a massive party and blow say $50,000.00. Like someone did after they had just got an investor to invest $50,000.00 in their business? That’s right they blow the money in less then two hours after they got the investment. Now their business is gone and dead because they blow they only money they had to build it.

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About Mastering You

"Mastering You, leads you to Understanding, Developing and Using the Master in You" Mr. Toliver teaches the "Process of Manifestation" as a vehicle that will allow people to master their inner self, through his book series called, "Mastering You". Having worked for more than 30 years as a social worker and as an entrepreneur he combines life experiences of overcoming depression, attempted suicides, managing additions, loss of friends from 9/11, his near death experiences and wraps them all up into talks that leaves every group spellbound. Connecting with his audiences through his animated, motivational and inspirational talks that are guaranteed to reach every group at every level. The process of manifestation focuses on honoring God and changing our thinking to gain success. Mr. Toliver teaches everyone how to overcome life's obstacles which clears a path to getting the things you want.
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