Enter The Dr. Phoenyx FitBeauty Giveaway!


Hey ladies!

I’ve got a question: Want to get your hands on some awesome goodies for healthy hair and a fit body?

If the answer is “yes,” keep reading!

Today I officially kick-off my FitBeauty Giveaway in collaboration with BlackDoctor.org, and for this Giveaway I’ll be gifting 3 of my FitBeauty goodies to 2 lucky ladies! – or gents! (Hey, who says guys don’t want healthy growing hair too? *wink* )

So here’s what’s up for grabs:

  1. Beauty&Body Protein – – a wonderful healthy hair growth + slim body nutritional supplement! Yes ladies, get healthy growing hair and a fit body – all in one protein! Plus, winners will also receive a free copy of my nutritional guide, FitBeauty 101: Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair & Body.
  2. If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Natural Hair – my bestselling, comprehensive haircare guide crammed with information on how to grow healthy, beautiful hair.
  3. That’s Why We Get Fat: Diet & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making – a great book for fitness journey newbies, or anyone who’s ever wondered about questions like “Does more sweat equal more fat burn?” That’s Why We Get Fat will answer that and much more!

Ok, now for the rules, and it’s very simple:

Click here, and you’ll be shuttled over to my website and all you have to do is submit your email to signup….and voilà! You’re entered to win!

Giveaway entry closes on August 2, and the 2 winners of my FitBeauty Giveaway will be announced on August 7.

Good luck guys!

– Doc

Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D. is a Sports Medicine Specialist, Bestselling author, Communications Consultant, and founder of the “FitBeauty” movement for women who love natural beauty, fitness, and healthy living. Find Dr. Phoenyx on her website, YouTube , and Instagram.


About Mastering You

"Mastering You" is about helping African American's to see their value in this world. I post only positive stories and information about what African American's have contributed to society in the past and currently. I don't post anything about Sports, Entertainment, Religion, or Politics. I also don't post anything that has a negative spin. While I am aware that there are negative things happening all over the world and that most people focus on the above four topics when it comes to African American's that is not my goal. If all you heard was negativity about any race that's all you will come to expect from them and everything else will be out of the norm. My goal is to show everyone that the negativity is often out of the norm, or at best they are equal to the positive. Just like every other race.
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