Melanie Fiona: “When You Love Yourself, The Confidence Just Comes Out Of You”


Two-time Grammy winner, Melanie Fiona, known for hits like “It Kills Me” and the Cee-Lo duet, “Fool For You,”  is strikingly beautiful. Being a famous R&B singer is complemented with the undeniable pressure of remaining beautiful, even as one ages. But Melanie doesn’t let the pressure get to her. She knows that true beauty comes from within. “When you love yourself, the confidence just comes out of you, and it makes you appear more beautiful to other people.” Confidence=Beauty.

Fiona’s Law…of Attraction!

Many women claim that confidence is the most attractive quality in a man. Well, the same applies to women. Confidence is the most attractive quality in a person. “You can get your hair done, you can get your makeup done, you can get the flyest set of clothes but in the end if you have no confidence, it doesn’t mean anything…It’s the way that you carry yourself, and that’s what attracts people. I’m a big believer in energy, and I’m a big believer in the laws of attraction and what makes people notice you, and it all radiates from your core, your spirit,” explains Melanie. But why does confidence literally translate to attraction for so many?

For one, it shows others how you feel about yourself. Your self-image is revealed according to how you carry yourself. It rules how you interact with other people, and it rules how you react to the situations that life throws your way. It tells you what is “okay” for you to think and do. So, you can see how a negative self-image prohibits you from being all that you can be. People are smart: they can sense if you’re holding back who you are.

Confidence builds credibility. Picture someone who lacks confidence – make that person up if you want. Now, imagine this person trying to carry on a conversation with you. Chances are whatever this person says will not have lasting effects on you beyond this conversation. Why? It’s simple. If that person isn’t confident in his or her own motives, how can you support them? Even worse, how can you take them serious? Again, people are smart and they know when you’re faking it.

Most importantly, confidence literally draws people to you. Unfortunately, many people lack self confidence. This is a result of socialization after learning the “do’s” and “don’ts” of a particular society and learning what’s “cool” or “attractive” and what’s not. The truth is, most people don’t fit the exact mold of what certain media considers “attractive”. But only a fool considers the “attractive” images thrown at them as the end all be all. It’s just an opinion (a ridiculous opinion, if you ask me). But when you exude confidence, it always receives attention because many lack it. What starts off as intriguing becomes inspiring for those who notice your confidence.


Beauty Secrets

But certainly it’s more difficult to reveal confidence when you are not looking your best. Melanie, who prefers classic beauty rather than over the top glamour, has some easy, at-home beauty regimens that will work for you too!


“For the past couple of years I’ve been using Clinique as my skin care regime. It’s great, their Face Cleanser, which is just for regular skin, but their Foaming Cleanser is the best. It’s a really great makeup remover. Their Clarifying Toner is the greatest thing ever created it’s so cleansing, and so good. Their lotion is great for whatever types of moisture you need. This new thing that I started using that I absolutely love is called Perricone MD. That’s like a Vitamin D Serum. It’s like an oil, and you just use a little. I find that I use it at night and I use it during the day with my moisturizer and I’ve noticed such a huge difference in the radiance of my skin. It’s more supple. That’s my new absolute favorite thing that I’ve been using, and I mix that with everything.”



“My favorite makeup products right now, well I’m absolutely loving this thing called Sun Rush (lustre drops) by MAC. Its like an iridescent drops that you can mix with your foundation, or use it by its own. It’s great for those times I want to be natural but I still want a nice sun kissed glow, this gives me a nice dewy natural look. It’s super light. It’s not very heavy with sparkles, it’s really really great… I cannot live without concealer. My concealer of choice is Bobbi Brown in Golden. It comes with a little powder on the side. You can set your concealer. Like today I’m just running some errands and not wearing any makeup, I just have mascara on. I just dab a little concealer under my eyes and set it with a little powder, put on some mascara, and that’s definitely a beauty essential for sure.”


“My favorite nail color right now is by Essie. Its called Chinchilly. It’s like a grayish purple. It’s super neutral and goes with everything. Just put it on and goes with everything. It’s not your typical French manicure or bright color…. It’s something else! I’ll put on Chinchilly with a little gold sparkle and it adds a little extra jazz. I’m a little bit of a tomboy and I need something that’s accessible to me so I can do it on my own since I’m always on the road.”


“I love Kerastase products! Their orange line is really good for heat protectant. It’s great for all the heat that I’ve been using on my hair to keep it straight. I like to use the heat intensive mask, and I love this treatment that I put in after I wash my hairIt’s like heat protection.”

Melanie Fioni is working on her third album, Awake. Her latest single, “Bite the Bullet”, is now available on iTunes. Watch the video below.


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