According to Men: What Instantly Makes a Woman More Attractive


By: Serena Crawford

Do you think you know what makes you attractive to men? You may be in for a surprise when you hear what some men said about the qualities that instantly make a woman more attractive to them.

1. Foul mouth – Guys actually like it when women occasionally drop a bad word or two. This doesn’t mean that you should go around swearing like a sailor but every now and then if you let a swear slip don’t think that you will offend him. It can remind him that you have a little “bad girl” in you.

Now I know I am different…LOL. But I really don’t like it when I hear women with a foul mouth. Now before you all say everyone curses every now and then I have news for you. That’s not true! I have never cruised and my wife has never cruised. We teach our children that they don’t have to cruise if they understand themselves and what they are trying to get across to others. We teach them to follow God’s laws and pray before opening their mouth when angry. Granted it has worked on one and not on the other. We are still working on the youngest child. But we are a household that does not cruise and our children see and hear the difference. They let us know that when they visit other people’s homes.

When I met my wife she was not a women that cruised and that was a very serious factor for me. If you are someone who cruises let me suggest that there are many who do not cruise and that to us anyone who does cruise losses credibility in our minds.

Also if I am with you and you start cruising I’ll ask you to stop because I don’t want to hear it. It may just be me!

2. Sense of humor – Men love a woman with a quick wit. If you can make him laugh and you laugh along with him you have a good thing going. If he says something in a sarcastic way come back with a witty reply he will know that you can think on your feet and are not phased by a quirky sense of humor.

This is my family. If you are going to hang out with my family you better be able to stick up for yourself and laugh at our craziness because nothing goes without a comment or ten.  Having a good humor is needed in our family.

3. Put on a happy face – Men love to see a woman smile. It helps them to know that you are a happy person as opposed to someone who is always unhappy with life and may make them unhappy in the process. Physically a smile will make someone more attractive but one man says that it will help to connect on an emotional level as well.

Listen women, smile! I don’t know what it is or why God put this in us men but if you want to break the ice with us, just smile. God has made it so that we are taken with your smile (if you have all of your teeth). Really, we just relax if you smile at us.

4. Pride – When you love what you do in life it will show. You will have a confidence and happiness about you that is unmistakable. Men like to see that the woman that they are attracted to is passionate about her work or her hobbies. It shows that she is capable of opening up and becoming passionate about a person as well.

I know for me it more about the fact that you have a brain and not just looks. A women who has pride can articulate what’s on her mind and that is worth a pound of gold.

5. You have a life of your own – One man states that he doesn’t like being turned down when he asks someone out on a date. He states that when she says that she has other plans he knows that he will have to fight for a little time with her and he likes that. It makes him feel like a lucky man when she finally says yes.

Know one likes being turned down but what’s more important is why you turn him down. Feeling aside, “if I were dating” and you told me that you had other plans for that day, I would love for you to volunteer that it is because of work, business, family or something. If it is because it is with another guy that’s cool as long as you leave me with the feeling that you are not sleeping with them. Then when I am able to get that date, I’ll feel like I am a lucky guy. On the flip side if I am left with my own imagination about why I can’t get that date you’ll know because the only thing on my mind is hitting the sack. Why? Because you allowed me to think the worst of you. We all have our own lives but in dating you have to think about the impression you are leaving with others.

Men talk like women do, and here is a secret I am giving you ladies.

NEVER let men guess at what or who you are. We always think the worst and we will not change our thinking even when you say differently until we have been together for a long time and we have gotten to know the real you and I mean years. That’s why you’ll hear people who have been married for years get into a fight over something that has happened years ago. The man is still thinking of her in the old vision and it takes an epic fight before they can resolve it. NEVER allow us to form our own opinion of you. Give us the opinion you want us to have.

6. Family – Most men eventually want to have a family of their own some day so seeing how you act with your family and theirs is very important. If you can accept and love their family and be a part of family functions they will see that you are someone who has great family values.

Oh this is a problem I can’t write fast enough to get out. I can’t stand it when I see a women and her children out of their home sometimes. Okay here the deal. Ladies you can not treat your children wrongly in front of men and think that makes you attractive.

It does not! In fact it is really a turn off the any respectable man. Just like mentioned above we want to see that you are a family person. If you are mistreating your children because you think the man in front of you is cute. You are stupid! All you have done is shown us that you are open for sex and nothing more. There is no relationship worth while coming from women who treat their children wrongly in front of a stranger or at any time.


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