By Nigel Boys

Dozens of heavily-armed members of the New Black Panther Party marched on the Waller County Jail in Texas last week. They were protesting the death of Sandra Bland, the woman who mysteriously died in police custody one month ago.

Breitbart reports the group of Black Panthers, wielding AR-15 assault rifles, shotguns and hunting rifles, chanted “The revolution is on… Off the pigs,” as they exercised their First and Second Amendment rights. The hard-line activists also chanted “Whose Streets? Our Streets and Oink, oink… Bang Bang!”

They were met by a large contingent of Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies from Houston. They were called in by Waller County Sheriff, R. Glenn Smith who feared a repeat of last weekend when protesters invaded his office foyer.

The Daily Mail reports that around 75 officers from Harris County, including mounted police and cops armed with riot gear and shields, were pictured protecting the jail and local businesses. Despite the fears of Smith, the protest remained peaceful.

Since Texas law permits the carrying of licensed firearms openly, none of the protesters were arrested for carrying weapons.

While helicopters circled overhead, the peaceful demonstration by the New Black Panthers lasted for around two hours before they dispersed, according to reports.

Although the group has no official affiliation with the infamous Black Panther Party, which was formed in 1966 to combat oppression of black people, the founders of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) claim they are their successors. Former Black Panther leaders, state “there is no new Black Panthers,” according to reports.

The NBPP, who are considered by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to be a hate group, have accused the police of being behind the killing of Bland. Wednesday’s demonstration followed a similar rally by Black Lives Matter over the weekend.

Breitbart reports that during that demonstration, several activists had to be removed from the Waller County Sheriff’s Office because 911 dispatchers couldn’t hear callers in the building.

“The revolution is on,” said the leader during one of the NBPP group’s chants. “Off the pigs,” the group chanted back. Every time the leader chanted again, the group responded with “Off the pigs.”

“No more pigs in my community… No more brothers in jail… No more sisters in jail…,” the chant leader continued. “The pigs are gonna get scared… The pigs are gonna get dead…”

Breitbart reports that when the leaders yelled “Freedom or Death,” in another segment of the chanting,” the response from the crowd was “We want our freedom. We don’t want no more of your God D*mn legislation.”

Waller County Jail authorities were not the only ones on the receiving end of the NBPP leaders words. During a short speech, he attacked the nation’s largest provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood.

“We’re so stupid we are killing ourselves,” the leader said as he pointed out that Planned Parenthood had killed millions of black babies in their abortion facilities.

Major Darryl Coleman of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office told Breitbart after the conclusion of the demonstration, “We came here to maintain the peace.” The apparent ranking officer on the scene continued, “Our job was to protect the law abiding protesters, the Waller County deputies and Waller County property. It looks like we did our jobs well.”

This is normally not the kind of stuff I post. But I wanted to express some thoughts about this issue and this is a good place to do it.

Remember folks that we all play a roll in the fight for freedom. Just like in a play there are people that play different rolls. Sometimes their are people who play more than one roll in a play and often times there are those who you’ll never see because they are behind the curtain. Most likely you are not the protesting type. I know this because you would not be reading my posting. You might not think you have a roll in the fight but you do. Your roll may be to vote, complain to your congress person, or in some political format. Your roll may be to write post like this one and share it with your friends and followers. You could be the next person to run for an office that might change things in your town or city.

The point here is that whatever your roll is make sure you are doing all you can to bring to the forefront all that is happening in regards to the struggle.

I think I’ll share my thoughts in some of my next postings about the “Freedom Movement”. If I get it off my chest maybe I will not be so angry and maybe it will open so folks eyes, and maybe, it may just save someone from being killed.



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