Online Platform Allows Loved Ones To Send Customized Care Packages To Seniors

I don’t know why people are saying that “Blacks don’t do anything” and I keep on finding stories like this one. I guess those people are walking around with the heart eyes closed on purpose because there are plenty of us doing real work and that’s why we say, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”! Check out the article written by Robert Stitt.

By Robert Stitt

Gramsly is an online platform that is the brainchild of an MIT and Harvard Graduate. What sort of thing would such a person create? A wealth generator, a new competitor to Facebook? Something that takes us into outer space? No, Gramsly allows you to send personal, customized care packages to your elders (if they are at least 50 years old).

Mary Farrow may have advanced degrees from some very reputable schools, including a Ph.D. in biological sciences in public health, but she is also somebody’s daughter and granddaughter. She learned of the need for her system through her own trial and error experiences sending care packages to her grandparents.

Farrow notes, “I was inspired to start Gramsly because of my relationship with my grandparents. They live far away and I’ve struggled to stay close. I created Gramsly to help people like me, but, since the launch, I’ve found that I’m also solving a business problem: Companies that serve older adults need to build relationships with their clients, and we help them do that.”

It turns out that prior to her entrepreneurial move, she was a researcher at Caltech. She is a go-getter and not one to wait around for years of tests. When she came up with the idea for Gramsly, she stated, “I wanted to execute as quickly as possible. The first products were shipped to my beta testers within a month from when I first had the idea.”


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Farrow notes that her biggest challenge is the same one all companies face: keeping customers happy. She believes the solution to that is to “make a great product, provide excellent service, and always listen to our customers.” As a scientist, she takes research seriously. Prior to the launch after the beta, she “interviewed dozens of seniors to get their feedback on the product, and conducted market research to identify likely customer demographics. This helped us get our first customers and was instrumental in product development. We also regularly collect feedback from our customers to find out how we can improve.”

She says that the biggest lesson she learned going from being an employee to being the head of her own company is that “execution is everything.” She says you cannot be afraid to make mistakes, you just have to get out there and do it. You simply have to get things done.

When asked if it was hard being a black woman in the tech world she said that for her it wasn’t. She added, “The secret is to act as if you belong and no one will question your right to be there.” For young women looking to follow in her footsteps, Farrow would tell them to take ownership of their studies and educational growth, make connections, ask for help, and look for ways to help others. “Someone you help out might be in a position to return the favor in ways you can’t predict.”


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