School Tried To Label Her Son “Retarded” But She Fought Back And Won


Telling parents that their child has special needs can be a devastating experience for everyone involved. In this segment, Christine Jenkins shares her experiences with her child’s school district. The school district labeled her son as “retarded” with behavioral issues. This mother fought the school system back and ultimately moved him to another district where he is doing well. Please watch this video and let us know what you think.

My daughter’s school tried to say that my daughter seems to be  a little bit too sensitive. They wanted her to see a psychologist and get tested. They wanted to put her on some medication.

My wife and I are social workers (I’m retired). Anyway we understand that the USA school system is geared towards giving African Americans medications and to keep them on that medication to eight experiment on us or the control us.

We were so mad! We shredded the paperwork and when we got to the school we made everyone of her teachers  understand that she WILL NOT be seeing a psychologist and she WILL NOT be taking any medication.

As far as educating the teachers we expressed our understanding of the school system, the lack of their education in dealing with our children and their development. We made sure that they all understood that a child’s natural dispossession is what God gave her. Who are they to mess with her gift? They were set back and blown away!

My daughter is a B to A- student.

Thank God my wife and I are smart enough to put a stop to the undermining of the black child development. Don’t allow the system to dictate to you who and how your child will be thinking.

If your child is out of control:

first stop giving them sugar, try Sugar Stop


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Secondly learn how to be a parent of your word. Most parents waist their time and breath trying to get the child to obey them. That’s because they make empty threats to their children. Things like “I’ll sell you”, cursing at your children is telling them that anything goes and that you are out of control yourself.

If you want your children to obey simply say what you mean and mean what you say. Punish them as soon as they act up and appropriately. Punishment is easy if you gain control of yourself. Spanking a child only needs to be “hit” on their bottom once or twice when they make BIG mistakes. Use your hand and let them know your hand harts and that you don’t want to do this again and that you love them. Help them understand what you want them to do and make sure they understand by asking them to tell you what they should do the next time.

I have more but I’ll have to list them in another time. But getting sugar out of your child’s system is a major thing to do. You’ll stop them from getting sugar diabetes, being labeled in school, and getting in troubled with the police. Sugar causes our children to loose control of their own thinking. GET SUGAR OUT OF YOUR CHILD’S SYSTEM.

Now I know and understand that it’s impossible to get all sugar out of our system. That’s why I am advocating SUGAR STOP. It’s natural, it stops sugar from staying in the body, it blocks sugar from damaging the body and it has NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS. Get this product!


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