L’Oreal Chemist Seeks To Create Beautiful Foundation For Women Of Color

By: Naturally Triece

For Atis, working in the cosmetic industry is becoming more and more personal as she recalls growing up and not being able to find makeup that matched her skin tone. “The colors were often too red, giving the skin a bruised look, or too black, making the skin look muddy,” she told Fast Company in an interview.

Despite the fact that L’Oreal has attempted to cater to the millions of women of color for years who love makeup just as much as whites, Atis found that their new foundations were still a little too pale for the darker sisters. In 2006 Atis began working on creating a quality driven makeup line for WOC as a project aside from her job.

The chemist’s first step in creating a wearable makeup line was to find data that supported her project. Atis and her team traveled the country for several years, using special probes to measure light absorption which could easily cater to every woman’s skin tone. They took their information back to the labs and created prototype shades.

The biggest hurdle that they had to face was that darker colorants that are commonly used in the industry tend to look dull on the skin.

Once she’d presented her new foundation colors to L’Oreal she was granted the opportunity to work on the foundation full-time for the company and has brilliantly come up with 30 new shades for the popular makeup brand.

Atis’ new goal for the Women of Color Lab is to create makeup that will match every black woman’s texture and color of skin. She plans to reach women in the 140 countries with the L’Oreal Brands newest edition of makeup that caters to the colored woman from more fair complexions, to deep dark chocolate skin tones.

“We’re always looking at new colorants and other raw materials,” she said. “We want to demonstrate that we can address the needs of women of color on a global scale through scientific innovation.”

So what are your thoughts on this bright idea? Will you begin purchasing L’Oreal? I know I sure will!


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