11 Year Old Home-Schooled Filmmaker is Youngest Person Forbes Has Interviewed


By Michal Ortner

Zuriel Oduwale is the youngest person that has caught the attention of Forbes Magazine, inciting an interview with the prestigious publication. Oduwale, 11-years-old, is usually the one interviewing national leaders and persons of interest. She has won awards for her journalism prowess but says that she mostly functions like any other preteen.

At the end of the day, Oduwale says that she enjoys all of the same things as other 11-year-old girls, like playing her Nintendo Wii and spending time with family playing board games.

“I do all the usual things like go to the mall with my mum and sisters and ride my bike with my neighbors,” she shared. “I am in a home school-based curriculum, so that allows me to get ahead in my school work and then I have some time to travel for my extra curricular programs like my Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up program, or interviewing leaders for my documentaries.”

She believes that it is her job to set the example for other girls, hoping that many more will step out and do something extraordinary. She also wants to bring awareness for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up is Oduwale’s initiative to help girls “accomplish their dreams like me,” she says. She is not afraid to ask parents and their children to use her as an example “of what their children can do.”

“I knew right away what I wanted to do even though I was only nine. It was my opportunity to find a successful revolution and show the world that Africa is not all bad,” she stated.

“When I watch the news, I find that most of the news about Africa is always negative, so I thought I could show something that was positive like a successful revolution,” she added.

“People always ask why I don’t want to be the president of an African country, but I feel if I am president of an African country, I might be able to affect one or two other countries, but if I am president of the United States, not only would I be able to affect the United States, but most countries in the world including those in Africa and the Caribbean region. That way, I can change the way girls are educated around the world,” Oduwale said of her future ambitions.


What I find amazing about this story is that so many people have know idea what their calling is in life and yet this little girl (the same age as my daughter who wants to be a pastry chef) know her destiny in life and is going after it.

To many adults are simply lost in their depression and therefore they can’t see a path that will lead them to their own individual success.

I offer this as a help. Because I can not counsel everyone. Ask yourself any one of these questions until you get an answer:

  • Ask your self what could I do to better my life?
  • How could I be of greater help to my family and myself?
  • What could I do to build up my community?

Once you have gotten any of the above questions answered ask yourself this one last question:

  • How can I do that and make money at the same time?

You have to make money from whatever you do because it is the way to secure your future and the stability of your family. Never mind those who say you should be doing it from your heart, they will always be broke! You get the answers and the way to make money from it and run with it as fast as you can.

That’s my love to you today!


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