Here’s the Most Profound Answer to the “Why Do Men Cheat?” Question

I have been cheated on once in my life, but I don’t really count it because I was only 18 and we were both young. As soon as I confirmed my findings, I didn’t need to hear or see anything else — I was gone. I couldn’t understand why he cheated on me nor was I going to stick around to work things out.

Well, that hasn’t been the case for several of my close friends. I have heard the horror stories of them being cheated on and always wondered why men choose to cheat on such beautiful women who were the full package. These are women you can take home to meet your family, they have careers, a sense of humor, and they’re independent.

So why do men cheat on great women? Is it because they’re complete idiots? Although being an idiot is definitely a part of the answer, I found a more feasible explanation.

I came across an article on titled Why Men Cheat on Loyal Women, and I was not expecting the answer I received. The author, Assune, stated that men cheat because of ego and to have power over a woman. Most men are more insecure than women. When a man cheats, it has no reflection on the woman or her character; it is because the man wants control.

“Cheating is for insecure cowards. It’s not about sex. If it were, cheaters would just remain single to sleep w/ as many women as they wanted, then it would not be cheating. Cheating is about control, filling insecurity.”

Not what you expected, right? Most women think men cheat because of something they did or did not do in the relationship, but that may not be the case at all. Men cheat because they need to change, not the woman.

Now, I am not saying to stop being a good woman because he is going to cheat no matter what. I am saying to stop beating yourself up over a mistake you did not make because him cheating should never affect how you feel about yourself. Know your worth and understand that what others do to you can never make you worthless. As women, we must establish our worth before getting into a relationship because if we don’t establish it, the man will establish it for us.


Okay I hope to have the men and women respond to this article. What say you, are on topic or not?


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