What Will It Take For Black Women To Emerge In Corporate America?


Corporate America has grown and has continued to do so for a number of years, but where are the women during this time of corporate come-up? There are only a small number of women on the roster of upper level positions in corporate America. Why is that?

A study on women in the workplace, published by Lean In and McKinsey & Co. produced several conclusions that may come as a shock to some.

The study revealed that there is a balance between the number of males and females who desire to be promoted. This diminishes the common misconception that women are walking away from their careers or simply lack the confidence that they are capable of promotions or higher positions. However, as women climb the corporate ladder, they become less interested in claiming the top title.

The study goes further into detail and delivers an exception to its conclusions. Women of color are ranked to be slightly more than 40% more interested in the title of top executive than Caucasian women and 16% more interested in the position than Caucasian males.

The eagerness to succeed is based on an entirely different merit for most women of color. Whereas a lack of ambition may exist for others, there is an extremely high level of motivation for them. Many African American women are key providers for their families and lifestyles; therefore, they are more than motivated to work their way to the top executive positions. Reports from previous years reflect that there is a higher percentage of black children living in single parent households than other races.

The study conducted by The Lean In report indicates that the level of effort and desire to succeed within the company shown by African American women isn’t being recognized by those that are higher up in the company. There is also a lack of support for black women from senior management in the area of career advancement. More than 50% of the Black women interviewed stated that they didn’t receive the support needed, compared to about 33% of Asian, White and Hispanic women.

Women of color must develop a strategy for successful advancement in corporate America, but employers and upper management must play a part in it as well and there needs to be an avenue designed that is recognized by all in order for gender equality in the workplace to become the norm.



I think the problem is the same no matter if it’s a black women or man. Your opinion counts!


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