Blacks Challenged to Buy From Black-Owned Businesses


This is the headline from a New York Times article that came out this week, signifying that what “Black Owned” is doing is critical to the success of Black America.

Your buying is important, and you don’t have to be Black to support Black businesses.  You work hard for your money, and you should get more than just a product when you spend it.  You should get some positive effects in the community.  You should know that your dollar is changing lives for the better, and it’s just because you bought a products available on Black Owned.
You are buying more than just products here, and that’s why we need YOU to make it an intentional point to shop on Black Owned.  Not just for the holidays, but all year-long.  See the work we do, hold us responsible, and be apart of the movement!


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About Mastering You

"Mastering You" is about helping African American's to see their value in this world. I post only positive stories and information about what African American's have contributed to society in the past and currently. I don't post anything about Sports, Entertainment, Religion, or Politics. I also don't post anything that has a negative spin. While I am aware that there are negative things happening all over the world and that most people focus on the above four topics when it comes to African American's that is not my goal. If all you heard was negativity about any race that's all you will come to expect from them and everything else will be out of the norm. My goal is to show everyone that the negativity is often out of the norm, or at best they are equal to the positive. Just like every other race.
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  1. Practicing shopping Black and circulating the “Black dollar” within our own community several times before it leaves our community is essential to our economic survival and progress. Additionally, it’s equally important to teach this as a fundamental learning point to our children. I’ll be sure to share this article, with my blog audience.


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