****** We Buy Black ******

This is a wonderful website that has great potential. There focus is simple; help black people find the products they want from black owned businesses.

I have joined them and support their mission fully. I love it when entrepreneurs come together and progress is being made. As a ‘Black Wall Street‘ advocate this is a great website. Their front page will show you why. Check out the number of non-profit businesses they have been able to work with, the number of products they have available and there is much more.

Yep! I really like this company, their direction and the fact that they have been able to make things happen for black people. “We Buy Black” makes a lot of sense and even more dollars.

We Buy Black Logo



About Mastering You

"Mastering You" is about helping African American's to see their value in this world. I post only positive stories and information about what African American's have contributed to society in the past and currently. I don't post anything about Sports, Entertainment, Religion, or Politics. I also don't post anything that has a negative spin. While I am aware that there are negative things happening all over the world and that most people focus on the above four topics when it comes to African American's that is not my goal. If all you heard was negativity about any race that's all you will come to expect from them and everything else will be out of the norm. My goal is to show everyone that the negativity is often out of the norm, or at best they are equal to the positive. Just like every other race.
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