New Children’s Book Walks Kids Through Racism…



Executive Director of Father Incorporated, Kenneth Braswell, is not as widely known named compared to a Fetty Wap or Young Thug; however, his contributions to the African-American community is without question worthy of more than notoriety. Braswell has dedicated his life to helping his community address sensitive subjects that many African Americans face on a daily basis. His professional career has been grounded in running his 11-year-old non-profit organization in an effort to build fathers up as the leaders of their families. Now, thousands of articles, three books and two documentaries later, Braswell has decided to direct his attention toward black children in his new children’s book,”Daddy, There’s a Noise Outside.”

Braswell’s newest venture discusses the properties of protesting, and breaks down the meaning of a movement so that a first grader can understand its significance.

“The idea came when my 6-year-old son asked my wife why was I in Baltimore on the day that the indictments were issued on the six police in the Freddie Gray case,” says Braswell. “To which she said to him; Wait till your father comes home, and ask him.” That particular explanation transformed into a 24-page book for children, which focused on assisting 1st-3rd graders in the process of understanding the nuances of protesting.

The story begins with two children who are awakened by noises in the middle of the night outside of their window in the inner-city neighborhood that they live in. Both their mother and father spend the next morning explaining to them what was taking place the night before.

A recent article by Daniel Jose’ Older of The Guardian, spoke on the low percentages of children’s books that are written to depict African American characters.

The article entitled, “Do black children’s lives matter if nobody writes about them”, states that in 2014, only 5% of the 3,500 children’s books published were about black characters. “There is a huge opportunity for Black authors to use children literature to education them on current societal issues,” says Braswell. The book is illustrated by up Atlanta resident Joe Dent and New York artist Julie Anderson.

With people raving about this new children’s book, it is impossible for us to think that you wouldn’t want to purchase this as a gift for your children during the holiday season.

What are your thoughts? Does it sound like a good one read?

The full release launch of the book will kick-off at a book signing on MLK Day (January 18th – 1-3pm) in Atlanta at The Center for Working Families. The book is available for presell through the 15th at in order for books to arrive by Christmas.


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