Beyonce’s Longtime Stylist Designs An iPhone Case That Enhances Taking Selfies


Ty Hunter’s name has been coming up several times whenever people are talking about singer Beyonce’s style. Yes, Hunter is Beyonce’s longtime, trusted stylist, who has for years made the songstress dazzle whenever she appears in public.

But now it appears that Hunter is making a name for himself outside the confines of being a stylist. This is after he designed and created an iPhone case that enhances selfies. He has created Ty-Lite, which is definitely the iPhone case that most users have been longing for, particularly those who love takes taking selfies.


If you own an iPhone, you can be sure that Ty-Lite will protect your device. Another very important aspect is the fact that the case has a frame around it that produces light, making it possible for the user to take clear photos even in places that aren’t properly lit.

“I’m such a selfie king and just wanted that extra light,” he told Glamour. “Light is so important to look your best.”

The case boasts of three light settings you can take advantage of based on where you are and what your face is looking like at any given time. This allows you to take selfies and get the results that you so desire. The three features are Cool, best for outdoor pictures; Warm, best for glossy results; and Indoor/Outdoor, that delivers some “little extra glam,” according to Hunter.

If you want to know how the case has been doing, Hunter revealed that there are many people who’ve been asking him to deliver it to them; and not just anybody. He’s been receiving hits from celebrity personalities who’ve even said that with the case, they don’t need filters anymore.

“A lot of celebs have been hitting me up for them,” he added. “They say that they don’t even need to use a filter when they’re using it.”

So, how much does it go for? Well, it’s currently retailing for $79.99, which basically appears a little high for an iPhone case. But that’s a good deal for someone who likes taking selfies and is concerned about getting good quality.

There is no doubt that light does wonders when it comes to taking pictures. With more people preferring to take selfies, yet lighting isn’t always optimal, Ty-Lite can go a long way in making things just right for you.



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