11 African-American Newspapers That You Should Know About

It is always important to stay on top of what is happening in the news. However, not just the local or world news, but news that is happening in the Black communities. There are many great Black newspapers that are keeping people informed and educated on the latest happenings around the world. Listed are ten top Black newspapers that you might be interested in staying informed by reading.

African American News & Issues

1. African American News & Issues

The newspaper is known for being the widest circulated and read newspaper that gives the African-American’s perspective. It is a weekly published paper that and is available online. The newspaper is published in Texas.

Atlanta Tribune

2. Atlanta Tribune

If you are living in Atlanta and want to know the latest about Business, careers, wealth-building and technology, then this is a great source for information. The paper is based out of Georgia.

Baltimore Times

3. Baltimore Times

People living in Maryland know that the Baltimore Times is the people’s choice when wanting to know about the latest news, lifestyles, editorials and happenings within the African-American community. It is one of the largest read papers in the city.


4. BlackVoices

Owned by the Huffington Post, the web site features daily news about African-American culture. It primarily focuses on entertainment and celebrity content.


5. Mississippi Link

The paper is the first Black publication in Mississippi. It is made available over the internet and has become a leading source of urban, rural, and community news.

Michigan Chronicle

6. Michigan Chronicle

The Michigan Chronicle has been around since 1936. It is one of the state’s most respected Black publications. It is an award winning publication and a leading paper within the African American community.


7. Chicago Defender

The Chicago Defender is now published on a weekly basis. The newspaper at one time was the only daily Black publication in the country. Roland Martin a contributor at CNN used to be the publisher of the newspaper.

Los Angeles Sentinel

8. Los Angeles Sentinel

The newspaper is the largest Black publication on the west coast that focuses primarily on African American content. This paper was recently acquired by The Baker Group – a black-owned real estate developer.


9. Jackson Advocate

The newspaper is Mississippi’s oldest Black newspaper. It is the largest weekly paper in the state.

10. The Write Up!

The Write Up is a FREE monthly 100% black owned newspaper independently owned and distributed in two states. The Write Up is an urban based publication that was founded in 2004 by Burns Publishing.  The Write Up is the largest black owned newspaper in Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada.


11. Arizona Informant

Since 1971, the Arizona Informant has provided an important voice for the Black community throughout the state. The family owned and operated newspaper continues to capture the attention of the Black community and others. Published every Wednesday, the Arizona Informant Newspaper is the only African-American owned weekly newspaper in the state.//


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