7 Men Black Women Should Never Date

Black women, if you are looking for a man who will treat you good, commit, work hard, adore, and only have eyes for you, then you have to be selective in the choice you make. There are just certain men that you do not date. Not only are you just wasting your time, but you might also be headed for heartache as well. So, here is a list of men that if you are thinking about dating—don’t! If you are already dating one—stop!


1.) Mama’s Boy

Take the gingerbread man’s attitude toward the mama’s boy—run, run as fast as you can. Unless you want to take care of someone else’s grown child you need to run and run quickly. If not, you will spend precious hours a day comforting, supporting, and cleaning up behind this grown man.


2.) Lazy Man

Leave that lazy man to be lazy by himself. If you are a mover and a shaker, and all about making things happen, then you will be going nowhere fast with this man by your side. See, these men are the types that will let you cook the food, wait for you to make their plate and bring it to them. He has no problem with taking, or borrowing  money, whichever one he likes to call it, but don’t plan on getting it back. Why? Because he is too freaking lazy to roll off his butt, open his wallet and give it back to you.

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3.) Stalking/ Jealous Man

Okay! Ladies a distrustful man will constantly be in your face, in your business, and sniffing your clothing. He will question your every move, loyalty, and will feel threatened by any male in your life. Most often this man knows the answer to the questions he asks you before you even answer. Why? Because he been following you around, going through your cell phone, driving by your house and waiting and watching outside your job. You need to be wary of this type and stay far away. No, he is not doing these things because he love’s you. He is an insecure, jealous fool with issues…stay away from him!


4.) Egotistical Type Man

Don’t even waste your time with the egotistical type man. He thinks you don’t compare up to him. These guys are most often insulting, condescending, you know the type that has an answer for everything, and always believe they are right. His bravado is attractive at first because women like a smart, confident guy who knows what he’s doing. But after a while, you realize that it’s not confidence–it’s pure arrogance.


5.) Sexual Orientation Questionable Man

There should not even be a question as to whether or not to be with this guy or not. Don’t even think about it.Don’t try to justify his behavior, no matter how good he look. You know about being on the down low. If in doubt, throw him out! Just saying!


6.) The Magic Man

You ever date a guy who gets missing a lot. You have a magician on your hands. He only appears when it is convenient for him. He is the type of person that has several different phone numbers, (they all go straight to voicemail), he is never at home, (no need to just stop by), he rarely tells you where he is, who he is with, and you sure do not know anything about his friends or family. Your magic man is probably living a double life. You can be sure you are not the only woman in his life. He has something to hide.


7.) El Cheapo/Cheapskate

There is nothing more horrible than going out on a date with a tightwad. He will pay for your meal with a coupon, make sure you eat everything on your plate, (if not ask for a box for the leftovers, and look for you to pay for your portion of the dinner bill. He just flat out refuses to spend his money unless he really has to, which is usually none of the time. Good idea to just delete this guy’s phone number. You will always end up spending your money.

Source: http://www.mybrotha.com/12-men-you-should-never-date.asp


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