Faithing It: 5 Power Keys to Unlock Your Ability to Produce

Tips on how to not let fear affect your productivity

At the end of the day, profitable business boils down to results, the ability to produce and deliver results. When we talk about producing, it is very near and dear to the heart and soul of Cora Jakes Coleman, because she doesn’t believe that you can really be a great businessman or woman without taking self-inventory.

“It’s important when you want to be a producer of anything that you deal with how you initially became unproductive.” The word infertile means the inability to produce. She believes that oftentimes, because of our fear of failure—and our fear of expanded success that goes beyond our control—we allow ourselves to stay in one place and not produce, resulting in the potential to produce but not operating in our power.

In her new book Faithing It, Coleman, daughter of T.D. Jakes talks about “the process” of releasing control over what we want our plan to be, and trusting something bigger than ourselves and bigger than our plan.

Realistically, everyone is looking for a quick route to purpose and being able to produce what they desire. According to C0leman, in order to get what you hope for, you have to consistently take steps of faith.

We recently caught up with Jakes Coleman to share five steps of Faithing It: Face it, Forgive It, Live It, Endure it, and Go.

Face It
It is important that we evaluate ourselves before we evaluate others. It’s hard to evaluate ourselves because in order to get true inner healing we have to look at the most painful things about us. In order to heal you must be able to reveal. Reveal yourself to yourself, and accept what you see.

Forgive It
After you have accepted that you have scars and that you have been crushed along your journey of life, you must forgive yourself, and forgive those who have hurt you. Don’t allow your victimizer to walk around with your power and your access. Forgive you and forgive them. Forgiving those who hurt you is the ultimate sacrifice of self.

Live It
We must all go through journeys in life that make us question if there really is someone protecting us and guiding us. It’s that Cinderella moment where you are locked in the basement, wondering if your fairy godmother is really going to come along. It was Cinderella’s journey that created who she was meant to be for the story. A diamond must be cut before it can be worn on a hand. The prince, too, had to experience distractions and detours before he could get what he truly wanted. What would’ve happened if they decided not to live their stories? Live your story. If you have looked at the trueness of your scars, then you know it can only go up from here.  

Endure It
It’s the infamous scripture that many of us learned in Sunday school: For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but will have everlasting life.” (John 3:16). I understand this to mean that God loved His children enough to endure a process of pain, suffering, and sacrifice in for the express benefit of others, so we could live a higher purpose. I understand that diamonds must go through the fire in order to be of great value. I understand that no matter how I live my life, I can’t run from the process. And neither can you.

Fifth Key: Go
It is easy to become paralyzed by the obstacles of life, contemplating the “could haves, should haves, would haves.” It’s even easy to look behind you, wondering where you could have gone right. The thing is, while you are looking behind you, people are stepping over you and obtaining what is rightfully yours. Stop looking behind you. Stop living in the how you would have written the story, and make a decision to go forward. The worst that can happen is that you fall, but at least no one can say you didn’t try. It’s time to use the key you had all along and always remember that God doesn’t need a big door to give you a big blessing. Small doors can lead to big opportunities. The question is will you use it or let the fear of what’s ahead keep you bound? I challenge you to open your door. Go, be fruitful and multiply.

Cora Jakes Coleman would love to hear how these keys are helping you to unlock increased productivity and fruitfulness. Stay plugged in to the Faithing It movement by connecting on social media at @CJAKESCOLEMAN or visiting


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