In Relationships Your Words Have Power

Although I was seriously distracted by others I wanted to put this video out there for people.

If you are looking to have a relationship with another person it is essential that you understand that your words have power. Too many times I have heard men and women alike say things to each other that makes me wonder how long they will be together.

I hear moms say things to their own children that makes my soul cry because I know that the child is feeling so low and the moms and dads keep belittling their child. They curse at them, call them names (that are not flattering), and OMG the names and the treatment or mothers give to their young new! You kill the spirit of the young men before they reach the age of self-inflection. By the time a young boy is 9 years old he’s been called every curse name in the book. He’s been told he is worthless, just like his dad, can’t do anything, and worse.

Our young men and women don’t stand a chance if their own parents think of them as garbage why should anyone else think any different of them? Then to top it off they find out that the powers that be are their enemy, their worse nightmare has come true. The world as they know it is full of mean, dangerous, lying, crazy people. Life is, ‘get what you can while you are able’ because you going to end up in jail anyway so make the best of it mindset.

This is how the law of attraction works. What YOU speak on to your children has no choice but to become a reality in their lives because of YOU; one of the most powerful beings ever created has decreed it to be so! Think and then Speak!

We have to come to a place where we can understand that our words have power. We have to learn to speak encouragement to each other, supportive and empowering words to each other.

My personal advice for those who are Christians and dating.




I decided to have some fun. So this is for the ladies. How would you like to say the right words that would get any man, the right man to pay attention to you and fall over himself trying to please you?

Oh yes, it can be done… you just need to know that right words to say. It’s called, Obsession Phrases For The Female Market


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