why is it important for blacks to know their lineage

Did you know that there are 7 different types of genealogical test you can have done?

They are:

  • Paternal Tests
  • Maternal Tests
  • World Origin Tests
  • Y/CS25+mtDNA (HVR1-2)
  • GPkg + Y/CS25
  • GPkg + mtDNA (HVR1-2)
  • GPkg + Y/CS25+mtDNA (HVR1-2)

They all tell you different information about your genealogical connections. Depending on what information you are seeking will determine the test you order. I know for me I want to know what tribe I come from. That could be done by taking the

I know for me I want to know as much as possible about my family line so I would order the  GPkg + Y/CS25+mtDNA (HVR1-2) test. I just have to know!

It’s a crazy thing to me to have your DNA say you are white and have maybe 2% African DNA in you and your skin color be so dark that everyone thinks your fully black. And the total opposite has shown to be true as well. We have seen people with white skin turn out to have 100% African DNA and not be what we have termed “Albino”.

I think it’s the marvel of the human experience!

This is most likely the best time in our history to find out where each of us come from. We have a home, but where is it? There is nothing like knowing where you belong. Even if you never plan on going there, the feeling of unresolved displacement would be taken back. What was taken from us during the slavery years can now become known! We all know that for most of us North America is not where we originated from. I think that even the most removed (Unconcious Afro-Centric Mindset) person on this planet would have a feeling of relief if they knew where they came from. Just knowing that little bit of information can change your thinking, how you handle yourself, and the direction of your life. It’s about pride and a sense of family.

Chemist hands holding test tubes, DNA helix model background

Don’t let your false pride get in your way. Trust me, your mind and heart want to know where you are from. There is a hunger in us all that has a need to get that question answered, “Where am I from? Who are my people?”

It’s your ancestors pulling at you. Not to come home but to understand who you really are and the type of people you come from. To gain a sense of pride and belonging is what makes a Man stand tall and women feel loved, wanted and supported.

To know that there are people who have your back is to know your family, community, and genealogy. You and I have a bigger voice when we know who our people are. Once you can claim your distant family your voice grows bigger, louder and you become more important to the whole world.

Africa is not just a land mass.

“Africa is the heart that lives inside of its people no matter where they are in the universe”. MT


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