7 Historically Black Colleges and Universities that You Should Consider Attending


The process of manifestation states that which you focus on will appear in your life. If you are thinking about attending a Historically Black College University (HBCU), then you might have one already on your mind. However, there are many of these colleges located across the United States that might also be of great interest to you. Many of these schools are very competitive and only high academic achievers during high school are accepted. Here are 7 HBCUs that you might want to consider when applying for college.


Spelman College is a historical private institution located in the south in Atlanta, GA. Spelman College follows a semester-based academic calendar and its admissions are considered selective. Yes, it is an all-women’s college.However, right across the street is Morehouse.



Morehouse College is a historical private all-men institution located in Atlanta, GA. The mission of Morehouse College is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. The college is one that offers a great higher education to their future leaders of America.


Howard University

Howard University is a historically black college that is well-known in the Washington, D.C. The school is also known for producing black lawyers, business leaders, social workers and many more.


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Hampton University

Hampton University, a private, historically black institution in Virginia, has graduated people such as Alberta Williams King, mother of Martin Luther King Jr., and Booker T. Washington, influential African-American educator.


North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State University is a well-known historically black school in Greensboro, North Carolina.Beyond a great higher education, the school also has many activities for students to become involved. Aggies sports teams compete in the NCAA Division I Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.


Winston-Salem State University

Winston-Salem State University was established in 1892 as a public institution. Winston-Salem State University follows a semester-based academic calendar. The school offers a great higher education and many activities for the students.


North Carolina Central University

North Carolina Central University is a historically black college in Durham, NC. The school is close located in the same city as Duke University, and Duke University Hospital.  The NCCU Eagles are Division I sports teams that compete in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. The school offers a good higher education and activities to their students.

There are other many great Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Most of them offer great curriculums for higher education. Student life is filled with focusing on academic studies, activities and socializing among peers.The application process is like any other college and students are encouraged to apply early.


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