The 8 Best Credit Cards

The 8 best credit cards are the ones that help you build your credit score, don’t charge high fees, and can give you good credit limits.

Entrepreneurs and well everyone needs to have good credit scores so they can borrow money quickly. The thing about being an entrepreneur that most people don’t realize is that often times you have to be able to move fast. You can’t be a really good entrepreneur if you are indecisive or can’t move quickly.

No matter what your niche is you have to be able to take advantage of any offer that comes your way. In every niche, there is always opportunities that will help your business grow and many times the opportunities are only available for a short time and often it is “first come first serve”.

We need cards that don’t charge high fees. The code of arms for entrepreneurs is to keep as much money in your pocket as possible. Even though the fees charged to entrepreneurs are tax-deductible (in many cases) it’s always better to just have the money stay in our hands and have it available NOW as opposed to later (getting it back when we pay taxes).

Having a good credit limit allows entrepreneurs freedom to move forward in business. Nothing is more aggravating than not having enough money available when you need it. It’s also embarrassing in some cases. It’s what keeps the small business owners from branching out and growing their businesses.

Not having enough money available can freeze your business right in its steps. Having the ability to have your credit limit raised without any problems is a great thing.

So with the above in mind, I give you the 8 best credit cards for entrepreneurs.

Capital One Venture One






Capital One Quick Silver 






Capital One Quick Silver One






Capital One Platinum






Chase Slate






Chase Freedom







Discover IT







Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard 



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