D.I.Y Credit Repair part 3 of 5


Do It YourSelf Credit Repair

5 part series

I want to give this information to you in a way that makes sense and will help most people out. Please note my disclaimer:

“I am NOT a lawyer, I am NOT a tax professional, I am NOT a CREDIT Professional. I am just someone who has had great results with this information I have gotten from someone who owned a credit repair agency. I got this information for free to me and so I am sharing it with people who follow me. If you have questions, need more help or advice about any credit issue you please seek out your local credit professional.”

So you have gotten your credit report back and some things are deleted. Your credit score has gone up a bit. BUT we are not done yet! Because some things have come back as VERIFIED. That is something we need to address because we are unstoppable and relentless to get our credit better.


Send out this letter if letter 2 results comes back with proof of claim against you or NOT! More likely no proof will be provided.


Your name


City, State Zip Code



Today’s Date

Customer Service

Credit Bureaus Name


City, State Zip Code

RE: Demand for Corrected Credit Report

To whom it may concern,

On date of first letter, I wrote to tell you to verify items I had identified as inaccurate or incomplete in my credit report. Copies of my correspondence are attached for your review.

Since you have not given me names of persons you contacted for verification of the information, nor have you complied within the statutory item period – 30 days – to my request for verification, I assume that you have not been able to verify the information I have disputed. Therefore, you must comply with the provision of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and drop the disputed items from my credit report.

I request that you send me a copy of my updated credit report showing the elimination of the items which I disputed on the attached letters. This copy must be provided free, according to 15 ISC section 1681j. I request that it be postmarked within five days after signing the certified mail receipt for the letter you are holding.

If I do not receive an updated copy of my credit report with the disputed items dropped, my attorney will pursue my legal rights under 15 USC section 1681o of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, “Civil liability for willful noncompliance.” Your credit bureau may be liable for:

  1. Any actual damages I sustain by your failure to delete the items
  2. Punitive damages as the court may allow
  3. Costs of the court action, plus attorney’s fees

Best Regards,

Your Name

Note: You need to get the business card of an attorney in your area who deals with credit and attach it to this letter.


But what if they send No proof, what to do next? I’ll cover that in tomorrow’s post. Please tell your friends about my blogs and the information I am giving you.

It’s the same things the credit repair companies do for you and charge you hundreds of dollars. I am giving you this info for FREE. Maybe I should allow people to give me a donation because this stuff is that powerful. Well maybe on the last blog……

Maybe I should allow people to give me a donation because this stuff is that powerful. Well maybe on the last blog……


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