D.I.Y Credit Repair part 5 of 5


Do It YourSelf Credit Repair

5 part series

I want to give this information to you in a way that makes sense and will help most people out. Please note my disclaimer:

“I am NOT a lawyer, I am NOT a tax professional, I am NOT a CREDIT Professional. I am just someone who has had great results with this information I have gotten from someone who owned a credit repair agency. I got this information for free to me and so I am sharing it with people who follow me. If you have questions, need more help or advice about any credit issue you please seek out your local credit professional.”

Now I want you all to do me a huge favor. Once you get your credit report all fixed, you are going to get your new report with your new credit scores on them.


Even if your score only went up a little bit could you please leave a comment for me and tell me what your score was before you started reading my blogs and after you did everything what your credit score has become.

It may look like this:

Max thanks for the information. My score was 524 and now it’s 740. I am so very grateful.

Doing this will do a few things for me.

  1. It will let me know that I am being effective in people’s lives
  2. It will let other’s know that they need to follow these blogs
  3. It will also allow me to continue to teach what I know – because there is much more but I need to know people are reading what I teach.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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The last thing I want to say about your credit is that we all make mistakes and mess up our credit when we were young. It’s now time for us to be wise with our credit and learn what it should and should not be used for.

If I am getting a good response about this topic I’ll continue to teach what I know and we’ll move on to EXPENSES AND ASSETS.  If you think you know about it that’s good but I bet you never looked at it from the angle I’ll teach you.

Instead of charging for this information I wanted to give it away. I am excepting donations of $5.00 to give to a local charity that helps homeless pregnant women. If you are willing to help them I am giving away a special report e-book, “Finding Funding” It gives you many ideas to find funding for any project including Real Estate. To donate click here.


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