Top 5 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa


With Africa having the largest youth population in the world, the continent is poised to take the world by storm in the fields of technology, arts and culture, finance and…peace and stability. Yes, the continent faces pockets of war crimes and terrorism but as the European Year for Development states, “Africa is more peaceful than ever.” Here are Africa’s top 5 most peaceful states based on the 2015 Global Peace Index of the Institute of Economics and Peace.


5. Angola: Unshaken by the horrors of past conflicts and wars, the south African economy of Angola has made great strides in being one of the most peaceful states in Africa. The country ranked 88 out of 162 states across the world, with a total national cost of violence being US$ 17 billion. On issues of incarceration, the country scored the highest rating of 1.6 case(s) out of 5 with violence and demonstrations being 2 out of 5.


4. Zambia: With a ranking of 55 out of 162 states worldwide, Zambia in undoubtedly one of the most peaceful states to look out for in Africa. For homicide, Zambia scores 4 out of 5 points. With the importation of weapons, it is ranked 1 out of 5, and Zambia is also praised for its effective social protection systems and low cost of housing.

ghana people

3. Ghana: Named as the beacon of Africa’s democracy, Ghana is near the top of the list as the most peaceful country in Africa. As for how it compares with the world, it ranks 54 out of a total of 162 countries worldwide. Ghana is best-known for its proper handling of free and fair general elections, an expanded free press system, and a competitive private market economy.


2. Botswana: Regarding the protection of its citizens and national assets, Botswana’s public administrative system has it all covered. The country comes out 31st out of 162 countries. For crime, the democratic state ranked 2 out of 5; for the importation of weapons, it came in at 1 point; and for violent crime, it scored 3 out of 5.


1. Mauritius: With a national cost of violence totaling U.S. $961 billion, Mauritius remains the most peaceful democratic state in Africa, ranking 25th out of 162 above the likes of Argentina and the United States. On issues of society and security, the African state scored 2 points out of a total of 5 with a full distinction for its management of internal security.


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