Some of my friends have been concerned about me, and I thank all of them.

For those who don’t know me, it’s time I give you all a little history.

I was born and raised a Christian all my life. I married a Christian girl and I have been called, “The out-spoken Christian Entrepreneur” for a while. But I am what’s known as a “critical thinker”. This means that I analyze everything I see here and do in a certain way. I don’t believe that I know everything about anything and I am really okay with being wrong about anything. What I want it the truth!

Some months ago I looked at the killings of African-Americans around the country and looked at the Christian community as a whole and it’s response to the killings. I was trying to understand why I was not hearing anything about the killings in the community. I was really trying to find those who were actively speaking out against it to join them and add my voice.

To my dismay, I could not find even one group crying out against the killings. That made me look at the leadership of the communities and see what was going on. To make a long and quite detailed story short – here is what I found.

The Christian community (including the black churches) were quiet. Why? Because the upper leadership of the Christian community cares about one thing and that is the amount of money coming into their churches. They honestly don’t care about anything happening around them unless it affects the amount of dollars coming into their church.

Then I found out that the community only reports on things that “they” think is important. Which would be cool except that the Christian news and radio stations are almost all white-owned and therefore don’t report any news happening in the black communities! Those that are black owned play music and preach all the time and few if any report on the happenings in the black communities. The white-owned Christian stations don’t play music from black artist and let’s be clear having a token amount is simply insulting.

In any case, I have come to understand that being a Christian is like my grandmother use to say to me “Be seen and not heard”. They want you and I to strive to be a “good Christian” but yet they themselves don’t believe the book they have given us to go by.

It is why they can kill our people and not care about it. Because they don’t believe what they are teaching us to live by.

This has brought me to ask a few questions, “why don’t they believe what they are teaching us to believe?” “Is Christianity another forum of slavery?” “Have I been lied to all my life?” “What if this entire Christian thing is a lie?”

I know many of you have your own answers to these questions. But before you start typing your long answers to me please check out “Watchman Reports” video series on YouTube. Because you have to understand where I am coming from so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself when responding to me. The fact that all you can write to me are Bible verses tells me you don’t understand what I am saying.

Mind you all I am not challenging GOD at all. I believe that there are scriptures out there somewhere and I believe that some of the scriptures were left intact but I question the validity of the Bible because it was interpreted by a prejudice king (King Jame Version). I believe that he manipulated it to say what he wanted it to say. If you do as I have done and really read your Bible you’ll see that there are major problems in it. Problems addressing the issues of slavery, what Jesus really looked like, and that most of the people in the Bible were Black are just a few.

Here are some really good ones that I have not heard from anyone so far.

If most of the people in the Bible were black (real “Jews” if you wanted, to be honest, were black) who was in communication with God the most? Who was Jesus talking to when he said, “To the Jews first and then the Genitals”? Who as the Bible states is “God’s People”?

You see we are taught to believe one thing but the truth is enormously devastating.

Then after all of this has come across my desk and I have studied much of it, I find this book, “How To Make A Negro Christian“. Now, what do you think is going through my head at this very moment. What’s going through your mind right now?

I know I have readers who are not black in any way. Thank you for following me. But here is a question for you all….what are you thinking now that you are looking at the cover of this book? What would you like to say to me? How could you comfort my spirit? Maybe the answer is that we all have been fooled to think one way and that way has kept us all in a slavery mentality.

Maybe is has come time to break the chains that bind us? This is the ultimate in the process of manifestation once you understand critical thinking.


The book, “How To Make A Negro Christian” is available.

It’s on you now….I rest!


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2 Responses to ***HOW TO MAKE A NEGRO CHRISTIAN***

  1. Amen! And I am in no way questioning your faith, but speaking from my own perspective, I do not believe in Christianity, and I may be wrong in this, but the reason I don’t is because I do not think that Africans, as a whole, were practicing Christianity before the slavers got there and whilst preaching with the good book in one hand, they were stealing Africa’s people with the other.

    Once they dragged the slaves to America, they kept them ignorant because it was against the law to teach a slave to read or to write and a learned slave was, I guess, a danger since the concept of public education, to this very day, is laughable. They then punished slaves for continuing to practice their religion while ‘encouraging’ them to take up Christianity and get rid of their ‘heathen like’ ways, meaning voodoo rituals and the like. If you want people to become docile and childlike, feed them fairytales and have them believe that if they are good, when they die, the riches of heaven await and if they are bad, why there is always hell waiting for them. How is this any different from Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny? Religion has been the cause of so many wars and so much hatred being leveled at people, that I can find no cause to take up the mantle of religion and run with it, be it Christianity or any other religion.

    As a former Sunday School teacher, I am appalled over the deafening silence from communities of faith all across this country over the subject of out-of-control police killings of Black people. Again, the silence is deafening!

    Thank you for posting this! It is right on point and I could not agree with you more!


  2. Katelyn says:

    When I read the bible I don’t think about color because it doesn’t matter. I see where each group of people comes from and the history of each people. All murder is wrong and anytime someone is killed we should care. There is only one heaven and our focus should be on bringing people to Christ. Some people want to stay divided and others want to understand but can’t because they haven’t seen it the division. The main thing is that we are to be love everywhere we go. We need to be color-blind and compassionate to all people.


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