Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

As my daughter is transiting from a Princess to a Queen I am again faced with dealing with the many faces of Menstrual Cramps & emotions that come with this medical wonder.

Thank God I remember what to do and what not to do and say during the times she is off balanced. Men if you have a young lady in your home going through her changes and you don’t remember or don’t know what I am talking about. Stay tuned for more posting and I’ll cover this topic.

But today I want to cover some things that may help your baby out as she begins to experience her monthly cycle.

From our Black Doctors

woman stomach pain

Cramps got you down? Try one (or all) of these natural home remedies, sure to calm those painful monthly cramps .

1. Exercise

While this might sound a little crazy – as you lie curled up on the sofa in a Snuggie, tub of Breyers rocky road ice cream in hand – taking a brisk walk or partaking in any kind of physical activity can help to ease pain. When you exercise, your body is pumping more blood.

During this heightened phase of movement, your body releases endorphins to counteract the prostaglandins (which controls inflammation, blood flow, the formation of blood clots) and relieves cramps.

Exercising three to four times a week is good for the overall health of your body, but it is especially important if you’re prone to painful menstrual cramps.

2. Heat

I’m a firm believer in applying heat. Growing up, my mother would create these reusable heat packs consisting of rice and a soft drawstring cover. By applying them to my abdomen, the heat released would relax my contracting uterine muscles — which, according to The Mayo Clinic, are the main pain perpetrator. Of course, there are many over-the-counter heating patches and pads, like ThermaCare, Bengay, or an electric heating pad, which will also do the trick.

3. Chamomile tea

chamomile teaA 2005 study found that there might be pain-relieving properties in this herbal tea which has been used for thousands of years as a natural cure for many conditions — including as a sedative to calm nerves.

“This is one of a growing number of studies that provide evidence that commonly used natural products really do contain chemicals that may be of medicinal value,” study author Elaine Holmes, PhD, a chemist with the Imperial College of London, said in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

In other words, in addition to stocking you medicine cabinet with aspirin, Band-Aids and antacids, grab some chamomile tea to fight infections due to colds and relieve menstrual cramps.

4. Vitamin D

Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. Calcium keeps your bones and muscles, including your heart, healthy and strong. Making sure you’re getting enough vitamin D is another avenue for preventing menstrual pain. In fact, a study found that high doses of vitamin D3 led to a 41 percent decrease in abdominal cramps. Get your daily dose of sunshine or eats foods with vitamin D like salmon.

I am going to insert something they did not address.

5. Eating Healthier

As often as one can, it is always best to eat healthier. Eating whole natural organic foods will always serve your body best and help you to manage any health related issues better.


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