Fmr Prosecutor Suing Obama and Farrakhan for Dallas Police Shootings



The sad part of this entire thing is – that he’s going to win the law suite. Of course it stupid and wrong, and does not even make sense but you already know in your heart of hearts he’s going to win this lawsuit.

Here is the article that he referred to:

Obama, Sharpton, Holder and Farrakhan Sued for Aiding and Abetting Race Attacks and Murder

Like I said in my “Personal Thoughts” posting they want to fight. They’ll go out their way to find a fight and if there is not one to be found they’ll create one. Because they have an in-born-need-to-fight.

We must recognize this as unique to them and work towards a defense that makes sense for us and does not cause any more deaths.

Let me also address this issue as well. The men featured in the lawsuit don’t see eye to eye on many topics. They are for all intense and purposes our so called leaders (to the person who is suing).

Their goal is to show all blacks that they don’t care what your title is, they can get to us.

But if we use the process of manifestation the right way we will create a force that will be able to reach into their pockets and there will be nothing they can do about it. Here is what we need to do ASAP:

I want to encourage all blacks to understand the power of having Your Own Business, Incorporating the right way, Banking Black, understanding and using the correct Asset Protection methods.

Our money is the only place where no one can reach us if we position ourselves correctly.


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