Here is my list of what “Black People Do Wrong”

Remember this saying, “It is better for people to think you are a fool, then for you to open your mouth and prove them right”? It goes with another saying, “Only a fool continues to do the same thing over and over again and expects a different result”!

The number one thing blacks do wrong:

1.We tell the world what we are going to do.

STUPID… No more should we speak out loud what we are thinking

Buy Black, Bank Black, Black Lives Matter, and so on. We have to understand our friends and their goals and methods. If we tell them anything they will find a way around it, through it and a way to bet it down.

We need to focus on word of mouth – person to person – this way only the people who needs to know will get the message. We need to stop speaking our thoughts on YouTube and other media outlets. Who cares what the norm is or what they say you need to do to get the word out to the masses. The truth is if we all stop broadcasting our enemies would not know what we were thinking or what we were going to do. They would be in the dark and that would be a good thing. When we keep them guessing we have power they can’t control.

The number two thing we do wrong:

2. We physically respond the wrong way

We are a passionate people and we respond to our passion. When we get an injustice done to one of us we respond by destroying “our” own communities. This is beyond stupid! There are only two good ways to respond physically.

A) Directly to the person who has done the wrong

B) Directly to the people who have done the wrong

The number three thing we do wrong:

3. We fight against each other

Again this is beyond stupid. How can we expect to gain any freedom, respect, or power if we fight amongst ourselves? The fight needs to be only against the injustice that is being place on and upon us daily.

We all need to understand two things about Black on Black crime.

A) Black on Black crimes is an extended version of our roots. Village against another village, chief against anther chief. Gang against another gang. But when a force that threatens all our people shows up we need to team up together and fight together. We need to become “WE THE PEOPLE”!

B) Every village has it warriors, chiefs, council, priest, politicians, and entertainers. In order to become successful we need everyone to play their role and play it well. The warrior needs the priest to pray for direction and strength and the entertainers need the politicians to pass laws that allow them the freedom to express themselves in their individual power. To this author, We have politicians and priest speaking out against the actions that some of our worries take because we are simply fighting wrongly. We need to adapt the above way of fighting back. It allows the priest and politicians to say, “well what do you expect from “us”‘.  We also lack a serious and respected (secret) council that directs all the others groups. Helping the movement to move forward, directing, and influencing the pulse of the movement.

The fourth thing blacks do wrong:

4) We disrespect each other in public

The main objective in beating any captive people to a place where they can not bounce back from easily is to have them fight among themselves.

If we as a people want to move forward we have to learn to respect each other. Understand that you have a different view than me is really a good thing. It brings out our every best, it allows us to reach more people, influencing more people and have a greater outcome than if I were to do it by myself is the attitude we all must adopt. It is good that my brother is seeing things in a different way (no matter what the topic is) because no one is perfect and I’ll miss things. Hopefully, he’ll catch it.

Working together makes us powerful. It opens up our power and we become unstoppable. This is the greatest fear of our enemy that we learn to work together.

I gave this recipe yesterday and I have decided to add it to my postings as a footnote for a while in order to build understanding and hopefully some will take action and tell others. The key to our freedom from oppression is this and nothing more.

“That We All Own Our Own Businesses Incorporate Correctly, Bank Only With Black-Owned Banks or Credit Unions, and Build Our Asset Protection Empire the Right Way, and Become Investors in Stable Investments. So That We As A People May Lead Instead of Following”.

I hope we as people will learn from these four issues because these are truly the only things holding us back from becoming a force to recond with. I know this will get me in some trouble…Oh well!


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