MEN – How’s Your Face?

For years I have been going to the stores getting my own razors. I use to buy those with 3 blades in them because they gave me the best shave. There were two problems with the razors I was buying.

  1. They were seriously expensive
  2. They got dull fast because I shave my entire head & face

I bet I am not the only guy that has to go through this. When times got hard and I was strapped for money I would still need to shave so I would get the razors that came 12 in a pack and were real cheap. You all know the problem with those razors. Some were good and worked fine, but most of them were not good and cut me every time. Now, women, I know that you understand what happens when you cut you legs shaving and how unhealthy it is to have open cuts. So imagine how we men feel when the cut is on our head. It is painful, it does not look good, and it unhealthy. #OurHealthMatters

I really felt like there was no way to win.

So I started looking for good razors that were inexpensive. I found this company that offered something that I totally understand, “Auto-ship”. But I also knew I needed to try out their razors to see if they were any good. Then I saw them on “Shark Tank”. I was sold.

I have been on their “auto-ship” program for over a year and they don’t miss a month and the razors are really good. The other important thing is I find that their pricing is just right for me. Because I shave almost every day the cost is little for having really good razors.

So I thought I would share this information with all of the men that follow me and help you all out. If you are looking for a really good shave every time, and you are looking for a good price you have got to try “Dollar Shave Club” out! I know you’ll be happy with them.

“Dollar Shave Club”


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