Nothing Else Matters!!!!


Nothing Else Matter!!

If the black people in America are to gain a solid footing in America we all need to realize that “Nothing Else Matters” needs to be the slogan of the day.

“Nothing Else Matters”

Meaning that all American Africans need to focus on “Buying only from Black owned businesses, Banking with only Black owned banks and/or credit unions, and Investing in Black owned businesses”.

For the black community to grow and have a serious voice we need to focus all of our energy, talent and money into one place, our own community. We need to learn from those who do it best – the Spanish speaking community. They support each other’s businesses and ONLY bank with their own banks (when possible). They invest with each other and they return their investments by continuing to do business with each other. Therefore their communities are growing and people are succeeding.

It is each of our duties to maintain our culture (all the different parts/sections and differences) so that our children will know who and what they are. It’s our job to educate each other, lift each other up, and to offer each other all that we can to make sure that not one of us are left behind.

The task is monumental indeed, the barriers are many, but we have many warriors and we have no choice. If we are to succeed as a people in a country that sees us as less than worthy we need to band together and create, develop, build our own. Dedicated to, specifically geared towards, fashioned after, and produced for our people.

As a people American Africans have to understand that we are all we got. It means that we, each of us, need to uplift each other in all our ventures. We need to understand that often times it means we have to close the doors and talk “real talk” with each other. It means that we have to band together as one entity. We need to move as one, buy as one, save as one, and invest as one. WE need to get back to our roots and become “WE” again.

The scariest thing in the world is for the people of color to band together as one unite!

The last time the world saw that kind of unity – we were the ruling class.

I am not talking about a take over or war or anything like that. I am talking about building a sense of personal feelings of belonging to a unified group, self worth, and a community minded movement.


None of the JUNK on TV, social media, churches, education, sports events, or any thing else you can thing of. NONE of it matters! The only thing that matters is that we all support each other no matter what. The trick of those who would see us fail is to keep our minds occupied with JUNK. There is “JUNK” all around us. Everywhere we look, everywhere we are there is just more junk to distract us from coming together. It’s never done by accident and is always done on purpose.

Rich dad calls them “Doodads”. The problem is that many people can’t recognize these doodads.

So here is a definition of “Doodads”:

A doodad is ANYTHING or ANYONE that distracts you from your purpose, goals or dreams. Anything and anyone that keeps you from succeeding. Anything and anyone that keeps you busy and nonproductive. Anything and anyone that pulls you away from your culture and your people. Anything or anyone that has you thinking as a selfish individual instead of as a community member with a voice.

Every single person of color matters when we speak of our community. While “Black Lives Matters” is a focus effort in our community towards bring up awareness to the other races that we are being systematically eliminated. This new movement, “Nothing Else Matters” is designed to pull the American African Community together.

Just as you can’t fight drugs by having a war on drugs – because having a war only fuels the problem and puts it in your face all the more.

Having a program that elevates the problem of police shooting our family members – only brings about acquit awareness to the problem.

“Nothing Else Matters” is designed to address the real issues of continued biological, psychological, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, educational, protection, entertainment, and physicality that keeps our dependency on those who would see us in slavery again.

We answer this treat on our life with one focus and that focus is that nothing you put in front of us will distract us from banding together and taking care of our own-selves physically (internally & externally), emotionally, financially, socially, self protection, spiritually, educationally and we’ll entertain our own selves, thank you! We simply don’t want your stuff any more!

In this we will succeed as a people and make our presence felt in all areas of life.

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