#3) MLM or Multi Level Marketing

Well, it’s time to tackle the big elephant in the room. When it comes to working from home the number one or two that people think of MLM (Multi Level Marketing).

Some people think it is a scam. It is NOT a scam! Sprint, MCI and many other companies started their business through the MLM industry.

Multi-level marketing works! I was in it for over 20 years. I made money in some companies and in others, I did not. It all depends on your knowledge of business, your dedication, and love of the company, products, and the training. It all plays a part into how well you do.

The MLM business operates in the United States in all 50 states and in more than 100 other countries. Yes, their are jerks in every business so you should expect them to be in every company out there. Their actions are why people think MLM’s are scams. However, most MLM companies are reputable and a GREAT way to make that monthly income you want and need.


Multi-level or network marketing compensates you for the products you sell and for the sales of others that you have introduced to the company. You are an independent distributor and you build a customer base and a “downline” of other independent distributors.

Please, please, please find a company that sells products that you love and believes in. You have to be passionate about the products. You also need to find a company that has a proven record of success. Usually, this means that the company has been selling their products for some time.

Many of the MLM companies entice you with the people who are making the big money. Many MLM companies have people who have made over a million dollars. This is normal! But you want to ask one question, “how many people have made over a million dollars in the last 12 months”? What you are looking for is continued growth. A company that has does not have anyone who has recently made over a million dollars is a company that has reached its peak!

You can make a ton of money doing something you believe in. In doing so, you are helping others to live the life of their dreams. When my wife and I left the MLM industry we were making $4,000.00 a month. You just have to put your all into it.


The best way to find the company that’s right for you is to research them. Trust me if you are interested in any company there is an independent contractor near you to help you get started.

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All information and credit must go to Kevin Trudeau’s and his “FREE MONEY” System.

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