I want to keep with the FREE social media so today’s topic is all about “Craigslist”.

#16) Craigslist

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This is another great internet gold mine. There really is a guy named Craig who started an online version of a buy it/sell it bulletin board.

Remember in college when people would post little notes by the campus mailbox? “Need a ride to San Diego this weekend.” “Have a motorcycle to sell.” “Looking for a roommate this summer?”

The concept is the same, but the venue has gone global. If you have something to offer, there is someone looking for it and they will look on Craigslist. Sell your car, motorcycle, scooter, boat, Winnebago RV, your electronics, your jewelry, your collectibles. If you have a vacation home, rent it for a week and make big bucks fast.

If you live in New York or any other cool place that people visit, rent out your apartment for a week and get quick cash. It is amazing the transactions that can happen, if you use your creative mind.

Today I buy and sell houses on craigslist all the time. I would say almost anything can be offered for sale on craigslist. You just have to go and look for it. Don’t have anything to sell?

Go to google and search “wholesale ….” and Google will show you places in your area that sell at wholesale what you are seeking. Buy some of them and list them for a profit on Craigslist. Remember, it’s not your problem that someone people are unwilling or do not have the brain power to think to do this.

Some things I have sold:


Some people like to market their products on specialty websites. There are many of them out there as well. You just have to look them up!


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