Knowing Your Spouse

I had the best conversation last night with my wife. During the conversation, I realized she knows a lot about me (I’m the women in our relationship) because I tell her almost everything about me. I tell her my dreams and goals, my wishes and what brings me down. I tell her my pains and what gets me excited. Who I like to work with and the type of people I would want to stay away from. I mean I tell her 99% of everything.

But her of the other hand, well she’s the man in our relationship. She doesn’t tell me anything about her. I mean nothing at all. Her response, “my actions speak louder than any words could speak”.

Well, that’s simply not true. In fact, it’s a good way to push someone away. So as I decided that a fun way to help her and many others who have a hard time communicating with their spouse to see the importance of sharing their thoughts and feelings.

If your spouse doesn’t know you, who does?

So I called a few couples over and we played the “Not So Newlywed Game”. We had a great time and I thought it was worth sharing it with you all.

“The NOT So Newlywed Game”

Of course, you can as I did and modify the questions.



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