A Black-Owned TV Network – Offering stock options at $1!

WOW, A Black-Owned TV Network!?

Offering stock options at $1!?

Could this be a chance of a lifetime?

Go to PUNCH TV STUDIOS to learn more.

So here we have what’s called “a chance of a lifetime” opportunity. A Chance for you and I to get in on the ground floor of something. The chance to build long-term wealth, a chance for you and I to change our family’s direction.

This is how many of America’s leading society members gained their wealth, by investing their hard-earned money into a project when it is on the ground floor.

The process of manifestation dictates that your mindset (whatever it is) will dictate what you are ready for. You see opportunity comes to us all the time. Many of them we have to let go of because we are not ready for them. A few we can jump on but we do not because we are scared, and therefore loose to opportunity. There are a few opportunities that come our way that we let go by us just because we are being foolish at that moment. We have the time, the money, and the ability to see the project through but we let it go pass us because, well maybe we don’t like the person who is presenting the information to us.

In any case, we are still in the same boat we have always been in and will never get out because we are STUCK. We can make a decision to move forward and therefore we will always have the same status – POOR.

The law of attraction comes into play here because we are always asking for more, an opportunity or a break and GOD gives us what we ask for every time. But we keep on saying NO to every one of them.

Here is your opportunity to stop saying NO.

Take action and provide a better life for your children and their children.

“Support black-owned businesses, buy from black owned businesses, invest in black-owned businesses. Nothing else matters!”


About Mastering You

"Mastering You, leads you to Understanding, Developing and Using the Master in You" Mr. Toliver teaches the "Process of Manifestation" as a vehicle that will allow people to master their inner self, through his book series called, "Mastering You". Having worked for more than 30 years as a social worker and as an entrepreneur he combines life experiences of overcoming depression, attempted suicides, managing additions, loss of friends from 9/11, his near death experiences and wraps them all up into talks that leaves every group spellbound. Connecting with his audiences through his animated, motivational and inspirational talks that are guaranteed to reach every group at every level. The process of manifestation focuses on honoring God and changing our thinking to gain success. Mr. Toliver teaches everyone how to overcome life's obstacles which clears a path to getting the things you want.
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