Natural Mouthwash And Tooth Powder

Nobody appreciates the burning sensation that you get when you use commercially available mouthwashes. Along with the natural mouthwash, Garner’s Garden has developed a remineralizing tooth powder that fights against bad breath and helps remineralize and detoxify your mouth. Purchase these two products together in our special oral package!

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Benefits of Mouthwash: Stops cavities from forming – Kills odor causing bacteria – Naturally whitens teeth – Repels and helps remove plaque – Stop gum disease and bleeding gums – HEALS oral ailments

Benefits of tooth powder: Soothes Irritation – Reduces Inflammation – Naturally Whitens Teeth – Removes Plaque

Regular vs reduced strength mouthwash: For those of you who have no pre-existing oral problems, it is ok to start off with our regular strength natural mouthwash. But if you are already experiencing oral problems such as sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, or anything like that, I suggest starting off with our reduced strength natural mouthwash. The reduced strength has the same amount of essential oils in it, but it has 1.5% strength food grade H2O2 vs 3%. Once your oral conditions get better, you can then move up to our regular strength mouthwash.


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