Identity Theft Protection Without Those Monthly Fees.

Finally, a Step by Step Blueprint to Enhanced Identity Theft Protection Without Those Monthly Fees

“Discover How To Quickly And Easily Protect You And Your Family From Identity Theft”  

Without paying monthly fees for the rest of your life!

How to protect yourself

  1. First, shred or otherwise destroy all discarded documents that have your sensitive information in them — things like Social Security numbers, birthdays, mother’s maiden name, or anything else that could be a unique identifier.
  2. Never transmit this information in an email. Be vigilant for email phishing scams, designed to trick you into revealing this information, in the belief you are dealing with a legitimate organization. Legitimate organizations do not ask for this information online.
  3. If you have been a victim of identity theft, of a “soft” incident, where your credit card information was among the data stolen in a hack of some retailer’s network, you can ask all three credit bureaus to freeze your credit report.

That means no one can access it without your permission. Without access to your credit report, no credit accounts can be opened in your name. The freeze is good for 90 days and can be renewed.

Note: Earlier this year Javelin Strategy & Research reported there were 15.4 million identity theft victims in the U.S. in 2016, a record high. It’s up 16% since 2003, with losses rising to $16 billion.

The biggest increase was in the use of stolen credit card data, especially for online transactions.

These are just 3 ways you can protect yourself.

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