Mother and Teen Son Launch Movement to Help Black Families Create Generational Wealth Through Business Ownership and Personal Financial Success

— In a nation where 49% of children are living in poverty, the family brand movement has been started to extract the true potential in family bonds —

NationwideThe Family Brand Movement, started by Lavette Minn, an inspiring mother alongside her 15-year old son, Yungche Homme, aims to create stronger and productive family bonds in people. Together, the two are focused on encouraging other families to do the same and build unique and productive family brands. These bonds created among the families can not only make them successful but can also bring financial freedom in their lives. The Family Brand Movement has also announced the release of its latest publication, Family Brand: 9 Principles and Tips to Building Family & Business, a book co-authored by both co-founders to inspire families worldwide.

15-year old Yungche and his mother, Lavette, are the founders of the Family Brand Movement

“My son and I have founded this movement with a primary aim of coaching families who have children, to obtain personal financial success by building generational wealth with family brands,” said Lavette, the mother of Yungche and his 2 other siblings. “Family Brand is a book that both of us wrote and it shares 9 principles and tips to building a family and a family business,” she added. According to Lavette, the book will inspire people to build great legacies of their families that will last forever.

This inspiring movement has been designed to encourage families to build family bonds that potentially lead to building family brands and businesses. Nobody can have a better business partnership than two family members and this is the reason why an overwhelming percentage of businesses worldwide are family owned and operated. The Family Brand book is, therefore, going to be an inspiring mission of this mother-son team and the book is currently available in stock on the website of the movement. The Family Brand Movement has been launched as a perfect way to counter the rising rate of poverty, especially among the children in the United States and elsewhere.

The book covers nine core principles that mainly cover:
* communications
* transparency
* finances
* investment
* money attitudes
* building a vision

In addition to this amazing book, both co-founders also educate families by providing them personal coaching based on their own situations in order to help them.

Families will learn about:
* DIY Credit Repair Coaching
* Income shifting: bringing more money home each payday
* Business master planning and creating multiple streams of income

Moreover, both Lavette and Yungche are very responsive when it comes to giving advice and helping people who reach them online. The website they have created for the movement also features informative news, updates, and videos to help families and everyone who tries to reach them.

Lavette and Yungche started this inspiring journey when they’re ‘So Gone Challenge’ video went viral on Facebook last year and the response they received was overwhelming as it received more than 3 million views. So far, they have been endorsed for several great accomplishments that include writing two books and a song titled “HHELLO” which is part of their family brand and legacy. Their website features several inspiring testimonials in which people have shared their inspiring stories during interaction with Lavette and Yungche. However, despite all the success and recognition, both co-founders firmly believe that they have a long way to go and this is just a beginning.

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Note: There is a FREE gift available if you go to their website!


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