$50 to 1 Million Dollars

Let’s play a game! LOL Not that one! But let’s play a paper game. It’s about doing something on paper first before you make it real so that you can see the results before you start to do something.

So here is the game. Let’s make believe that you and I are going to invest into the penny stock market and we are going to follow my friend James’s advice on which stock to buy. We are also going to follow the charts he provided in one of my blogs. Now we will start off with only $50 because we have two issues.

1) We are poor and that’s all we got.

2) We are scared to invest so this is all we are willing to give up at any time.

3) We need our $50 back ASAP, because we got to pay bills or whatever.

So if we had of invested our $50 into the stock that James told us to yesterday (Symbol: PTLF

Co: PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

PetLife Pharmaceuticals (PTLFhas consistently doubled in price this year on breakouts. For example, when I first profiled PTLF, It was .20 cents on February 21st, 2017.
Two days later on February 23rd, PTLF smashed through the ceiling hitting a staggering $.90 cents representing 349% GAIN! 

The Alert has gone out today at 5:43am to buy this stock.

Let’s see what would have been your return. Check back later today or tomorrow to see what’s going to happen. This is in real time family!


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