The Triple Plain 3 Some 3 Pack

Okay, now this is going to mess with a lot of people. You ever felt the need to well just have some chocolate but you just could not decide what kind of chocolate?

You know there is milk chocolate, there is dark chocolate, and then there is white chocolate. But which one do you want?

Now there is a black owned company that has come up with the ultimate chocolate answer. They call it, “The Triple Plain 3 Some 3 pack” and oh man does it make you crazy for chocolate?

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The Triple Plain 3 Some Bar 3 Pack comes with 3 bars; one milk chocolate, one white chocolate, and one dark chocolate bar. Made with rich 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate, Creamy Swiss White Chocolate and creamy caramel Belgian milk chocolate. The triple-plain will leave you yearning for more.

Kristin Parker is the CEO of 3 Some Chocolates. This is my review of the 3 Some Chocolate. This company popularity grew very quickly and the demand of the chocolates are very high. Attached is the purchase link to the 3 Some Chocolate website also the news and social media link.


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