Nigerian-American Artist Launches One of the First Ever African Art Galleries in Los Angeles


Artists exhibit a decorative art with several collections of different display of nature, which signifies a magical thought in our minds.

Artists engage in professional combinations of color and layouts which make their art more attractive to a lot of people.

A Nigerian artist engages in such decorative artwork and has established an African Contemporary Art Gallery which is an informal and unconventional viewing experience.

It had a grand opening in the iconic American Cement Building on May 24. The display of the artistic work will remain open until June 30.

The inaugural show, Presentation 001, highlights the works of nine contemporary Nigerian artists such as Sam Ebohon, who deals with richly colored brushstrokes, Obinna Makata, who integrates traditional fabrics with ink and acrylic to explore the social issues, and cultural identity in Nigeria.

Additionally, the presentation featured includes Joshua Nmesirionye’s work which involves texturing paintings that depict the current state of Northern Nigeria fifteen years after the rise of Boko Haram.

The exhibition is curated by Social entrepreneur and founder of African Contemporary Art, Olufemi Ibitayo. Ibitayo recounted when he first moved to Los Angeles. He found himself in the company of beautiful houses with perfect decorations.

He stated that one thing lacked in that awkward moment. Art that reflected the owners’ identities was missing. Ibitayo realized it was an issue arising from both of lack of accessibility and lack of exposure. That proved a great challenge to him and his background in artwork traces from there.

Each presentation is on view within Ibitayo’s loft at the iconic mid-century American Cement Building. Ibitayo stated that he always enjoyed viewing art in the context of a living space rather than in a gallery or museum.

By presenting art in the context of an actual living space, ACA seeks to challenge the status quo of how art is traditionally exhibited. It has the particular intention to help new and established collectors visualize how they might live with Contemporary African Art.

ACA will exhibit emerging, mid-career, and established African artists creating contemporary works on paper, paintings, fine art photography. By focusing on various mediums of art, African Contemporary Art aims to create a visual portal to the continent and diaspora.

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