Two African American Super Real Estate Agents and Trailblazers to Release New Investment Book For Teens and Millennials

— This book by Lisa Puerto and Anthony Lee is one-of-a-kind, and has already created a major buzz in the young generation of investors across the U.S. —

Real Estate 100 book By Anthony Lee and Lisa Puerto

Philadelphia, PA — Real Estate 100 Youth Foundation Inc. has announced that they will be hosting their new book release event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, June, 24th 2017. This new how-to book for the real estate industry is entitled Real Estate 100: The Teen and Millennial Investment Blueprint, and it is co-authored by African-Americans Lisa Puerto and Anthony Lee. With a purpose to educate the next generation regarding the changing trends in the industry, the book is written by seasoned industry professionals from the East and West Coasts of the United States.

“We are looking forward to hosting our young friends at the launch of this book at Philly,” said Lisa Puerto, the Founder, and CEO of Real Estate 100 Youth Foundation. “This book is the first of its kind and a spin-off from part 1 that was entitled Real Estate 100: The Teen Home Buying Experience,” she added. Lisa is an internationally recognized Real Estate Advocate, International Speaker, a California Licensed REALTOR® and Author known as Super Agent℠.

Besides Lisa, her co-Author Anthony Lee is also a recognized name in the real estate market of Pennsylvania. Moreover, he is an award-winning top seller and has helped several families in the Keystone State. The book is a continuation of Real Estate 100’s series for the next generation and shares candid professional tips regarding real estate investments for the millennials. Based on the testimonials and phenomenal reviews, critics have called this series, a blueprint that will generate long-term results.

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