A brand new product has come out and it’s hot! A new kind of selfie stick but about a thousand times better.

It’s called the “SMOVE”

I think it’s outstanding and worth every bit the money. I know that for all of us who like to get new toys you’ll love this one.

Here are the top 10 tips for using it.

I know you want one. All you have to do is click here and it will take you to their page.

Think how much greater your videos and photos will be once you get the SMOVE! This product is unprecedented in its ability to make your videos and photos look top-notch.

Oh, and did I tell you all, it’s on sale?

Better get it while it’s 44% off the normal price at SMOVE.



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"Mastering You" is about helping African American's to see their value in this world. I post only positive stories and information about what African American's have contributed to society in the past and currently. I don't post anything about Sports, Entertainment, Religion, or Politics. I also don't post anything that has a negative spin. While I am aware that there are negative things happening all over the world and that most people focus on the above four topics when it comes to African American's that is not my goal. If all you heard was negativity about any race that's all you will come to expect from them and everything else will be out of the norm. My goal is to show everyone that the negativity is often out of the norm, or at best they are equal to the positive. Just like every other race.
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