Get your Discount on the most Effective Cannabinoid Pills with Natural CBD

Get your Discount on the most Effective Cannabinoid Pills with Natural CBD

Cannabinoid Pills are great for lowering inflammation in your joints, chronic pain,  Anxiety & Stress, and sleeplessness just to name a few.

These capsules contain the proprietary formulation developed with full spectrum phytocannabinoid, whole plant extract and water soluble. Grown in artisan farming co-op in the United States, our hemp is grown without pesticides or herbicides – using only organic fertilizers. Our harvesting and drying is done by hand to assure the best quality.


Cannabinoid Pills

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  • 100% Certified Organic Formulation (excluding Hemp)
  • BioAvailable Proprietary Formulation for Full & Fast Absorption
  • Available in ALL 50 States

As a former Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor you can imagine how I felt about telling people to use “POT”. But with knowledge and understanding comes freedom!

It’s a hard thing for those who are suffering to hear from someone who is not suffering that they should not use something. Cancer, Tumors and an entire host of different diseases that are life threating and some that are not life ending can cause people much pain. If the only way to relieve the pain is to use the CBD from the Marijuana plant then we should help those who need it not jail them.

Knowledge Base:

For those who don’t know, there are two parts of the Marijuana plant that come into play here. There is the way we have all heard about that can be smoked and chewed. This is the THC of the plant and it will get you high and relieve whatever pain you are going through.

The other part of the plant is the part the scientist have pulled out of the plant called, “CBD” CBD isolate is the purest form of Cannabidiol its extracted into crystalline compounds that does not contain any trace of liquid THC. This part of the plant has been referred to as the Medical Marijuana. Medical Marijuana is whats used in the Cannabinoid Pills and is certified safe.


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"Mastering You, leads you to Understanding, Developing and Using the Master in You" Mr. Toliver teaches the "Process of Manifestation" as a vehicle that will allow people to master their inner self, through his book series called, "Mastering You". Having worked for more than 30 years as a social worker and as an entrepreneur he combines life experiences of overcoming depression, attempted suicides, managing additions, loss of friends from 9/11, his near death experiences and wraps them all up into talks that leaves every group spellbound. Connecting with his audiences through his animated, motivational and inspirational talks that are guaranteed to reach every group at every level. The process of manifestation focuses on honoring God and changing our thinking to gain success. Mr. Toliver teaches everyone how to overcome life's obstacles which clears a path to getting the things you want.
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