Thick Queens Boutique: A Mix of African Inspired Clothing and Contemporary Styles

I often wondered where do girls shop who are not model size? So I looked around and found that it was not so easy for big girls to find clothing they really wanted. That’s why I created, “Thick Queens Boutique“.

Thick Queens Boutique” is a mixture of classy contemporary clothing and I added a special African Inspired clothing to the store. The goal is to make available to the plus size women the types of clothing that will make her feel like a queen all the time.

There are so many bad stores out there that offer some good clothing but mostly their clothing and styles are well not so appealing. So I worked on finding some wholesalers that have really nice clothing for plus size women.

Thick Queens Boutique

I found all types of clothing for plus size women that al beautiful, styles and most importantly “wanted” by the women who are in the plus size categories. Clothing that would flatter and bring notice to their curves the right way.

Thick Queens Boutique

At Thick Queens Boutique you’ll find the type of clothing that the models are wearing in just the right size for the plus size women. My focus is to find clothing that will make her stand out from the crowd because her clothing is the quality and style that shows off her curves the right way.

She will not look like she has on second-hand or altered clothing. These outfits are made for her size and they look great. To me, there is just too many designers out there that don’t focus on the plus size women and it’s a market that has been overlooked for way too long.

This is a market that is yearning for good clothing, with today’s styles, made for the type of women who needs plus sizes. They want clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase. And that’s my other secret about the store.

At Thick Women Boutique we have decided to keep the prices way down. We want to be the “go to” online store for the plus size women.

Thick Queens Boutique: Where All Women are Treated Like a Queen!


About Mastering You

"Mastering You" is about helping African American's to see their value in this world. I post only positive stories and information about what African American's have contributed to society in the past and currently. I don't post anything about Sports, Entertainment, Religion, or Politics. I also don't post anything that has a negative spin. While I am aware that there are negative things happening all over the world and that most people focus on the above four topics when it comes to African American's that is not my goal. If all you heard was negativity about any race that's all you will come to expect from them and everything else will be out of the norm. My goal is to show everyone that the negativity is often out of the norm, or at best they are equal to the positive. Just like every other race.
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